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    Peace Keeper SMG??

      My question is, people who buy the DLC will get this new SMG, but are they going to play with this weapon against people who don't have the dlc, or it will only  available when playing with DLC active(like in MW3)??

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          1. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

          Would be pretty pointless to have it only available in a DLC playlist... So you'd be gimped by one class if you have it in the roatation but decide to play core? If that's how they decided to deal with it, I'm going to laugh.

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            2. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

            it makes sense but then other people will start complaining if they're playing against a gun they don't have. So if the gun is good then they will start complaining about it.

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              3. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

              everyone will have this gun because there will be a glitch found that no one will patch like the one that is already out there for everything else.

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                4. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

                I hope they find this glitch that never gets patched because I don't plan on buying the DLC lol

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                  5. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

                  If the gun textures/etc are not included in the base content on the disc and is contained within the DLC only, I don't see how the gun can be used against anyone but others with the DLC.  Now, if they have "hidden" these weapons that come with DLC in the original Disc or will be providing via some mass update/patch to everyone, then I just can't see it working in standard non-DLC lobbies.  I can see them doing it both ways, depends on how lazy they are.

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                    6. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

                    I am positive it will cause all kinds of grief. Just the way 3arch does things. No thought.

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                      7. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

                      There will probably be an update. I can't imagine that the gun would be that large of an update, as it's simply a model with texture placement info and "behavior" rules embedded into it. it will probably even use the sound resources of an SMG already in the game. It could be added into the game before the DLC, during a patch. It can be handled just like the CE Digital Camo... Everyone I play against can see it, they just can't use it on their own guns unless their account says they can. I also wouldn't be surprised if the 4 (one every quarter) DLC guns were already in our games somewhere.


                      Look forward to people spazzing when they pick the new SMG off the ground!

                      "ZOMG I just picked up the new SMG, I'm so amazing!"


                      *Player falls over dead because they spent too much time oogling the new shiny*




                      Honestly though, if the new gun is a selling point, they will make it available in the core modes. It's just good business. Players will buy the DLC if they get killed by a weapon they can't put in their classes, and others will buy it after they pick it up and decide they want to have it too.

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                        8. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

                        I agree.  I think they have either hidden the guns in the original game and they will just unlock them or they will release a small patch that gives everyone the gun files so everyone can see it/use it if picked up.  But, I can see them being so arrogant to not do this as well, thus the lazy statement - everyone is going to buy our awesome DLC right guys???  Given their response (i.e. lack there of) to the community, I give that more of a chance of happening than I would have previously thought.

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                          9. Re: Peace Keeper SMG??

                          i dnt like this. i can understand maps for sale but everybody should have a chance to unlock every weapon that is being used against them without having to buy anything. weapon dlc should be free.

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