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    Are You Looking for a Clan? (360)

      Valiant Players

      We will win or do our best trying.





      Why you should join.

      Well you should because we will be higher clan level once we get more players for competitions. We will work as a team, and it should help your stats. My W/L is at a 62%. So obviously if you like to win, we already have something in common. Plus if your actualy readying this it means you are somewhat dedicated, So am I. Don't just take my word, add me and play a few games with me. I play alot of Core, but occasionaly will play HardCore. We played in one competition with three people and got silver. Their is only two of us now though because one of the players were not cutting it. This does mean requirements.



      • 17+ Years old
      • KDR 1.15+
      • Must have mic
      • Able to play in competitions. (If you work I understand. Just tell me)


      How many people do we want in this clan?

      We are look for 4 new members. So we will have a clan with 4-6 players.


      So your still reading?

      Now all you need if you fit those requirements, is to add a gamertag and play a few games with me.

      Do message me why you added me.


      My GT: Blainer PRO