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    Rage quitters and winstreak

      Alright time for yet another quick rant:


      It's unbelievable how many rage-quitters i encounter in my most played gametype (Search and Destroy). I hardly ever finish a game against or with the same 6/5 people i started with (at most 10% of my games finish with the same players we started with). Now this doesn't botter me so much, as the more people leaving on the oppossite team, the easier my victory gets.

      The one BIG problem though is that once in a while the host migration will fail, causing a disconnect and all of us returning to the lobby just to see my hard earned winstreak being ended. This has happened a few times already, when beating or being real close to my record. Isn't there a way the game could tell you didn't lose but just got disconnected due to some b*tch not being able to take a proper beating and turning off his ps3?


      Rage quitters should be punished for this! I mean i have a 3.something W/L ratio (not the best, but it's ok) and i also lose some of my games but i take it as a man, realizing i got an unlucky game or just got matched against better players/teams. It's a shame to see where to community has gone to, but yet no actions are taking to try and stop this bullsh*t.

      Sorry for the rant, just got a disconnect after a host migration when i was 2 wins of my best streak (wich ended by, you guessed it a disconnect) AGAIN!

      Thank you very much little kids!

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          Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

          I agree to this in some respects.  I agree that disconnects caused by a host error should not count as a loss.  Only the host should receive a loss.  I lose my connection or get kicked out of about 1 in 5 games due to the host system in place.


          However, I leave games quite often in this game.  If I have a really bad connection I will sometimes leave after my first death or within the first few minutes.  Why should people stay in a game that they can't enjoy?  Why stay in a game where you are dying before you see the person? 


          For this reason I mostly play Search and Destroy.  However, search and destroy often contains idiots.  For example, in search and destroy there are constantly people who don't try to win.  All the prestige hackers couldn't care less about their stats and always try to knife only or ninja defuse.  When I get stuck with a bunch of Max prestige noobs or people who don't do anything but camp, I will also often leave simply because I can't win even if I do stay.


          The wins and losses in COD games have always been messed up though.  For example, often times you will join a game where it is impossible to win and it still counts as a loss.  The win-lose records for COD games have never truly reflected the number of games a person has truly lost and never will.  They can't even keep the leaderboards straight and you expect them to fix the problems with their win-loss system?  NeVer going to happen!

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            Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

            Will be a great idea that you consider the great number of cases where the game doesn't work fine. Most people quits not for the level of the enemies, but for the game itself. I have saw many times a guy that empty an entire clip of bullets in an enemy (not arround the enemy, in the enemy, in her thorax and head) and the enemy not only not die, he run away in the best cases or turn arround shoot less than 5 bullets (and miss at least 2 of them) and the same that start shooting becomes dies. And its the same with the explosives, many enemies looks run so fast that they can go thow explosives and be far away before explosion.

            That's not funny ¿What can you do if your enemies don't die with your bullets or explosives? ¿What can you do if the result of the match has nothing to be with the good or bad player you or the rest of players at your side are?

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              Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

              I'm not kid and yes...I will quit as soon as I KNOW I'm hosting, which happens all the time. No I won't "take my beating" when I'm getting intentionally getting screwed by lag.


              I could give a crap about your best game. I can absolutely tell when I get hit markers or when I should have won a gunfight. I give it 3 strikes and then I'm out.

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                  Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                  wizard....what a douche!!


                  You just admitted you're a quitter! 

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                      Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                      As am, I if the lag is unbearable- which seems to be most of the time. I could care less if you are on the "good" side of the lag and having the BEST GAME EVER!!!11 If I'm constantly unloading a clip into you at point blank range and you nonchalantly turn and kill me with one bullet from your pistol, I'm done.


                      This is no longer a game of skill. It's a game of piss poor connections and the people whom benefit from it.

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                      Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                      You think i never lag? I have a great internet connection so i end up with my fair share of hosting games also. But i learned to adapt, try to be one step ahead of the enemy. Flanking them, using stun grenades, lethal explosives (C4 ftw!) utilizing the millions of headglitching spots and so on. I almost always avoid a fair gunfight, cause yeah lag is going to screw you over.

                      But if despite all those things, the lag is just to bad well so be it. How do you think you get your beast games? Cause there are people on the badside of the lag at that moment. I just finish the game, probably rage a bit , and move on to the next lobby.


                      People always blame lag no matter what. I see idiots running trough the middle of the map waiting to get picked off, only to hear them rage in the deathchat "freaking lag" and bam left the game...

                      If everyone would quit the game for every WTF death they had, i would say enjoy running around alone in the map!

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                      Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                      let them fix the connection issue and you will see alot less quitting.


                      also as long as you dont get the cable out of box sign on your screen then its fine.
                      host migration is not the problem as those people already settled for their loss and shitty stats.


                      its the people that makes you get that sign that are the ones who needs to be punished.

                      what they are doing is making the game think this match never took place and thus there aint any stats recorded.


                      ive already quit more game in this cod then any other over a years period.


                      you cant expect me to use the FAL and shoot on a person who is in the proces of running , switching to his grenade, jumps, throws his grenade, lands, switch to his mp7, aim , fire and kill me.


                      so basicially while this dude was doing all that, i was aiming and firing at him from no more then 5 feet distance.


                      or i shoot an RPG into a guy his chest, he survives, he kills me, kill cam shows he had no perks.


                      or when your claymores even seems to be effected by lagg lol.

                      people with out engineer run right pass them lol


                      if you can deal with all that kind of crap then i applaud you but i cant deal with it.


                      i work hard for my money,  i bought this game with my own money, i spend alot of money on having fast and good internet and after a long day working im not looking foward on getting frustrated.

                      ive already come to terms to me having shitty stats, so i will back out of 10 games in a row if i have to , just to find a good lobby.

                      i will stick to that lobby until the host quits or the game makes me the host.


                      its as simple as that and i dont care who thinks what about it.

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                          Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                          exactly my thoughts!!!  

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                            Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                            100% agree buddy. If I join a game and it's laggy as **** or there is a VTOL and dogs running around, I quit immediately. I'm not padding someone's stats because no developer has had the idea to put a lock on a game once it hits a time-limit or point-limit. Would it really be that hard to implement a rule as such....nope......but you know the old expression "if it's broke, don't fix it if it's going to impact bottom line".


                            W/L ratios mean nothing in this game....I have easily joined well over 150+ games that it's the last minute and there is no winning. I'd rather take the loss with a 0.0 ratio. Hell, joined a game today that I joined in time to get the defeat screen and got another loss!!!!!!

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                            Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                            Yep so if I'm a "douche' as Im_A_Drag85 put it , well...there are plenty of people who agree with me here and in the game. And he can take his "rules" and shove them. I don't have to stop playing the game or take the game back just to appease him or anyone else and I don't have to stay in a game where I am seconds behind everyone or worse.


                            Personally I like BO2 and it's my favorite of the whole franchise.

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                              Re: Rage quitters and winstreak

                              wizard you are a douche...and will always be a douche!!  accept that you're a douche!!!


                              theroc learn to spell hahahaha

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