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    so maybe one day i can play black ops 2 again...

      i've played black ops 2 once, that was on the day of release. i like the game think its great, but i fail to find team tactical in the game lists i look online, treyarch have removed team tactical, even though it had thousands of players on previous cods, there league play system struggles to get 900 players


      so i will continue to stop playing black ops 2 because this game isnt worth playing without a proper team play for me and my friends, why after so many people asking and messaging these idiots why hasnt team tactical been added or re-added should i say, i find it a disgrace spawns killing in this game is terrible along with its less than impressive maps team tactical would make the game alot more enjoyable. the game is dead without im not playing untill its added, so looks like i'll be waiting for the next cod