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    Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

      Me my brothers and friends have played cod since god knows when, and have always played the games for the years that they were out.  MW3 was the first call of duty title where we stopped playing for a bit after the start because the lag compensation was so bad, but after about 6 months or so we all went back and it was alot of fun again, and we played until the end.

      I have friends including me that cannot even play blops2 because the lag compensation is so unfair, MW3 was borderline unfair but blops2 is beyond reproach.  We all own Call of duty 4 mw1, because I said there is no lag comp in that game, so we tried it and it was an amazing experience.  Even on a 3 bar you don't get robbed for kills.  Call of duty 4 is the best example of how connections should be for games, and the game is incredible also.


      We just quit playing blops2 and even if they fix lag compensation completely I feel as though the damage has already been done and my friends and I just want to play something different.


      Call of duty games are great, the only thing that will kill a call of duty franchise is the developers that continue to not listen to the community.


      Has anyone else quit blops2 for similar reasons?

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