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      I am having a little problem with the k/d. I went positive in Couple games but my k/d ratio had gone down instead of going up. Anyone know why this had happened? I'm a bit confused on why my k/d would go down instead of up when I went positive in those games I had played. Any help?

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          Don't worry about it.


          K/D, W/L, SPM etc doesn't mean anyting.


          It's a game - enjoy it purely on that basis

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            If your k/d in one particular game is lower than your overall k/d, your overall k/d will come down.  For example - You play your first ever game of BO2 and your k/d is 4.  You play your 2nd game and get a k/d of 2.  Even though 2 is still a positive k/d, it is lower than 4, so your overall k/d will reduce to 3 after your second game, even though you got a positive k/d.  Understand?

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              If your KD is 1.5 then you need to put on games like 15K-10D or higher. If you don't and if you fail to do so then your average will go down. Going 12K-10D when your KD is 1.5 will not cut it.