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        20. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

        SCORE... I didnt use it!!!! ahahahahaha


        ps- i try to always use " " around the word because i do find it ridiculous

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          21. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

          Well played! You are the non noob of this thread. Almost everyone else here is a noob in this thread so far.

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            22. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

            any legit class set up can do well. problem in BO 2 is the same it was in MW3 and ALL of the rest of the CoD's. People dont know how to use  theirweapons, as such they deem them bad and point fingers at other things being OP rather then realize that they are the one failing.

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              23. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

              There is no noob combo, only the noob camping in a dark corner with X gun, X perks, X attachments, X equipment.

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                24. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

                No No im pretty sure OP was completely right.

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                  25. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

                  I use FAL select,red dot, silencer..for campers,snipers, LMG T.F users who camp TDM

                  I use.. PDW long barrel-laser- Camping/planting..

                  i use S7 Quick draw, fast mag-- Anti- 870

                  ranked top 200k worldly with 304 points per min and a postive k/d currently trying to prestiege all my guns..

                  how does this make me a noob?


                  I don't use  LMG but if I did , I would use a target finder.. LMGs are support weapons and you should camp and "support your team" by covering a flag/bombsite.

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                    26. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

                    Wait I can't use the LMG with Target Finder?  Did you buy my copy of Black Ops 2?  Oh wait...no. you didn't.  So yes.  IT is only just your "personal opinion".  It's my "personal opinion" that you are just mad that you get killed by these setups. Stop whining and get better.  Still just my "personal opinion" of course.

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                      27. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

                      It makes you the N word because you use the absolute easiest guns/attachments in the game then try to brag about how "good" you are. 


                      A truely good player, would give himself the least advantages possible to actually prove to himself and others that he is better most of the community.  He would NOT go around Pub stomping with a FAL select, PDW or TF. End of story

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                        28. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

                        I am better  ... when you get better and stop using a baby sight, then come talk to me

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                          29. Re: Top 3 "Noob Combos"

                          I keep thoes 3 for pub stomping yes.. Its my Counter set ups.. been using 3 counter setups since cod4.. I use and unlock all the guns untill I get in a game with someone trying to pub stomp me.. But ya.. I hear ya man.

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