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        For some having a high k/d is fun. It is not always about winning all the time. For me personally I do not care if my team wins or loses ever. I play just for fun and a win is just a bonus and not a requirement of playing the game.


        but yes pretty much the op is just crying about the game and how people treat him because he cannot do as good as some of them it seems.

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          still k/d is tied closer to a persons fun...just saying...

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            Depends on your game type and personal preference. I play demolition where KD means nothing, you can go 50-0 never play the objective and lose. But why brag about being a loser? I'd rather have the teammate that goes 5-40 but has 5 plants and 5 defuses, it shows that they're actually playing to win.


            Winning/having fun > Numbers/KD

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              That is your view but for some those numbers are the fun and not the win. Not everyone cares about winning all the time. And loosing does not really mean anything since winning does not really mean anything either since this is just a game and not life or death with either of those mean anything.

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                Only if the person is obsessed with KD.


                My KD sucks and i have fun all the time... disconcering "Lag"

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                  1.20 kdr 1.00 w/L 371 spm.


                  To give you a hint of the type of players an ill say. 630 wins, 28 233 kills, 3 and a half million score.



                  FFA kdr is 2.55.. I'm a better solo player when I don't have bad teammates to keep running to their death over and over without killing someone along the way...

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                    This thread got me thinking that maybe I should run higher killstreaks. They may not come as often but it would be a blast when they do.

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                      It's pretty damn obvious you don't understand what the hell you are talking about.

                      I said KD is for TDM, if you get (like you said) 100-1 in a game of TDM youve won that game for your team

                      And are basically the best player in that lobby. You aren't a looser you won single handed. If you're to stupid to understand that then you shouldn't be on these forums replying to people.


                      W/L is for object games, if you have a high W/L then you're a great objective team player and win almost every game you're in, what's so hard to understand about that.

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                        I've said it once, I'll say it again:


                        Don't worry about it.


                        K/D, W/L, SPM etc doesn't mean anyting.


                        It's a game - enjoy it purely on that basis

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                          yip ..agreed