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    Scorpion Rising Currently Recruiting!

      Scorpion Rising

      is now recruiting casual and competitive gamers.




      Scorpion Rising was started on December 6th, 2012. SR is a gaming community thats not just focused on one specific game. Members play MW3, BO2, BF3, FIFA, Madden, and many other games! SR is looking for mature people who want to either play casually with a group of people or competitively in Tournaments. Currently SR is a somewhat small clan, with 25 members, but we plan to cap at around 50 or so. There is only one requirement to join, and that is to have a working microphone.


      What SR has to offer for YOU:

      1. A fully functional website to keep in contact with others and for information.

      2. Clan ranks and promotions.

      3. Gaming Divisions for the competitive player and clan events with prizes.

      4. A great, friendly community to enjoy gaming with.


      Go check out our website!





      Add the following users (Xbox) for more information.


      SR Jackal VI



      Thanks so much for looking into Scorpion Rising!


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