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    PS3 Clan!! LEVEL 30!! BLACK OPS 2!! Looking For Members!!





      We are a  Black Ops 2 clan.


      Our members are from the US and the EU.


      We mostly play casually, but we have a Gamebattles team for our members who enjoy competitive play.

      Lots of our members love playing in a party. So once you add members from the list of PSN's in the forums,

      you shouldn't have a problem finding a party full of Total-Resistance members.





      To join Total-Resistance, you must ;

      - Be over 14 years of age.


      - Have a K/D of 1.00 or above.

      - Have a microphone

      -Be active on Black Ops 2

      (Clan Ops, Clan Challenges, Clan Practices)

      -Show activity on the website

      (A lot will be shown on the website. News, Practices, Promotions, etc. Members should sign in AT LEAST once a month)




      If you wish to join the clan, you must first apply on the WEBSITE, then ELITE.

      (Once you apply on the website, head over to ELITE and apply. Just put (TxR recruit-Signed up on website on the application comment.)


      Some of the perks you will receive once you are part of the Total-Resistance Family:

      - Loads of members that love to party up.

      - Gamebattles team for the competitive members.

      (Must be over 16 and tryout to make the Gamebattles team)

      - A Full Ranking system

      - Gold Clan Tag

      - Friendly Community