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    The Pick 10 system is a lie.

      It says you can choose any of the attachments, and any perk combanations,  but really there is a 3 limit attach restriction, and a 2 perk per catagory restriction...


      you cant get 3+ attachments on your secondary, limited to two...


      you cant get 2 secondaries I think....


      So in my opinion, the whole "Pick 10" thing is a sham, another lie... Its pick 10...but you cant pick this, this, this, that, this...


      You are also limited in what type of attachments you can use together....for instance... you cant use the long barrel and silencer, or the Hybrid and the GL...ect ect...




      You dont get cool attachments to make those wierd FUN combinations....


      You cant put a acog on a smg


      you cant put a dual band on an assault rifle


      you can't put rapid fire on anything except SMGS


      you can't put a quick draw on a sniper because of stupid cry babies.


      you can't put a red dot on any of the snipers...also because of the cry babies


      you can't put sniper scopes on assault rifles...


      I mean cmon this crap should have been added years ago...


      The cry babies have RUINED THIS GAME....And so has Treyarch for not being able to see thru the BS or seeing thru it and just bein lazy.

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          1. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

          What is your point? Would you rather have the old create a class system?


          You actually sound like one of your so-called "cry babies".

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            2. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

            Seriously you are going to complain about the Pick 10? As odd as it is set up there is really nothing wrong with it once you get used to it. You really have to think about what works for you. Never in any COD title can you have whatever you want on your weapon or perks. They did it this way so that it is as balanced as possible.

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              3. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

              Well then its really not a pick 10....then...its just another clone of what IW has done already...


              We should count how many perks and weapons and attachments you can get on MW2...Im pretty sure it will be around 10 if not maybe more....


              So there is nothing new...


              and its false advertising...I cant pick 10 of anything...and actually I am very LIMITED in what I can choose....


              so all in all its a sham....

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                4. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                Its pick ten as it says. NOT mix and match as you see fit.

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                  5. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                  why cant I have the long barrel and silencer as my attachments? for my "Pick 10" Oh you cant to that...


                  or the Hybrid sight + the GL...oh you cant do that either....


                  If they are gonna say...OH ITS PICK 10, WELL LET ME PICK MY DAMN 10!

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                    6. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                    Use your 10 points to pick your class, but realize that while you do so, Black Ops 2 gives you so much more freedom when it comes to creating your class compared to what other games have offered.


                    Once you understand and comprehend that, understand that Black Ops 2 gives you more freedom, not ultimate freedom.


                    You should be OK with that. With ultimate freedom, and the ability to pick what YOU want, it might be cool for you and fun for you, but my guess is that the fun would be taken out once people began to figure out insanely strong (or OP) setups.


                    For example, I like the trade-off between fast mags vs extended mags. Put those 2 together, and that's a pretty lethal combo. There are plenty of others out there that I can't think of right now.


                    Basically the restrictions in the pick 10 are all in the name of balance. If you can't understand that, then you are nothing more than the "cry baby" that you try and despise in your initial post.

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                      7. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                      The restrictions don't add to the balance anyways.


                      The game is still gonna be unbalanced...It just punished players who want to be creative.


                      tell me would having a long barrel and silencer REALY throw out the balance of this game...no...


                      you can spin it how ever you want it but the pick 10 system is nothing new, and definatley not anything to brag about.

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                        8. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                        The_Shift wrote:


                        why cant I have the long barrel and silencer as my attachments? for my "Pick 10" Oh you cant to that...


                        Probably because if you wish to increase the performance of your guns, you sacrifice stealth for it.  That happened in MW2 and COD4.  For MW2 if you wanted Cold Blooded, you had to sacrifice Stopping Power.  For COD4 if you wanted UAV Jammper you had to sacrifice Stopping Power.  Same with sniper rifles where you get a decrease in multipliers on parts of the enemy's body when using a suppressor.  I remember using a suppressor in MW3 for sniper rifles for the weapon challenges, and it was pain using them, the L118A being the most annoying to use with a suppressor, unless I used the post-patch SVD or RSASS given that I used Assassin instead of Quickdraw when sniping.  That's the sacrifice I made for not showing up as a red dot on the mini map.


                        In BO1 you couldn't have rapid fire and extended magazines on the SMGs but MW3 gave you a lot more freedom on attachment choice.  The great thing about attachments is I don't feel the need to use optics as all the iron sights (excluding sniper rifles as I've not used these yet) are good.  I don't have to put up with anything as obtrusive as the M60's irons from MW3.  Yay!


                        Oh yeah, in COD4 if you wanted Grip as an attachment on LMGs, you went without a perk and you couldn't even have a suppressor.

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                          9. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                          First - once you calm down, you'll hopefully realize that this is amongst the most balanced Call of Duty games we've had in a very long time.


                          Second - in regards to your one example that you seem to want to die on, the long barrel + the suppressor? Yes. It would add unbalance. One of the drawbacks of the suppressor is the reduced effectiveness at range of the weapon. The long barrel directly counteracts this.


                          Therefore, using the long barrel would eliminate any balance of the suppressor, making it amongst the most powerful attachments in the game with no downside to it whatsoever. There has to be a trade-off to using the suppressor, otherwise everyone would. That trade-off is range effectiveness. Add the long barrel, and you have no trade-off, and no reason for people NOT to use the suppressor.


                          Hope that helps

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