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    Target Finder Is For Noobs?

      It seems to me that the majority of the CoD community thinks that the target finder is a nooby attachment.  I don't think that way,but even if it was "nooby" (if it's even possible to definitively label something as such) I'd still use it b/c I like it.  I waaaay past caring what people think about my kill level, I use what I want and how I want to use it.


      I've held over a 2 KD in pretty much every CoD since CoD2, so don't try and make the lame excuse that the only reason I do well in this game is b/c I use the target finder.  I could do just as well with pretty much any attachment setup I used.


      Does anybody else get as much hate for using the target finder?  Is it really the majority of the community that hates it or is it just the loudspoken MLG wannabe kids that make it seem so prevelant?


      Here is my full take on the subject:


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          who cares really its in the game to use so let people use what they want we dont need another youtube video spamming the forums about it jesus you people will use any excuse to make a youtube vidoe wont you

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            I used the TF attachment on the M27 and I like it a lot.   However I do feel as if it needs to have more recoil, especially on the LMGs. 

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              I replied to your youtube vid but also. I have no problem with the target finder except when people use it to find me though maybe a crack of vision in a room or something similar.

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                Target finder is a great attachment, the only reason I could see to hate it is that you're a sniper at the end of the map or trying to head glitch or camp far away. I used to use it but the recoil got a little too much while using it so now I just used FAL select fire & silencer

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                  The target finder is a bit unbalanced, it provides a red box around those who are not fully in view of the player, the slightest bit of player model popping out highlights the entire body. The sights blue crosshair breaks through cold blooded and lights up red. Also the sight itself promotes sit and wait tactics, it becomes a problem when the user becomes very cautious.


                  Also the select fire FAL is a bit OP, it has a very fast TTK and very managable recoil.

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                      the fal with select fire is no where near op. the rate of fire is terrible, at mid range smgs still compete and the recoil has a habbit of getting away from you when the fame rate drops. I love the fal but really it's if your inside and smgs 3-4 hit kill ranage you screwed. the fal is meant for just outside mid range but with these maps play doing that is difficult


                      The target finder on the other does seem to reduce recoil and does reduce sway so that so I can see why people have an issue with it, As for the red boxes, they don't help much to begin with but crosshairs changing colour (even with cold blooded) is a bit unfair.

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                      Love the tf on my lmg! Mostly focusing on getting diamond camos on all weapons and max prestiges so I haven't even really experimented with the mms yet. Just started using that tf yesterday and its beast!

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                        it isnt nooby, i dont use it anymore, but it isnt nooby, 3 things that doesnt make nooby:


                        1. cold blooded, it counters it well, yes it turns red when spots you, but EVERYONE using it is lazy to search you when you are using it.
                        2. EMP nades disable it completely
                        3. EMP Systems same as nades, if you are quick enough, they'l not have time to ADS so you get a free easy kill.
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                          In some situations, it just shows you exactly where people are across the map which is really lame. More a camper attachment than for noobs since most people can easily be seen close up.

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                            1. Do you know what a wall hack is? In CoD4 you see them all the time. Its what cheaters do to win.  What it does is puts a Box around every enemy on the map in which you can see at all times.  The TF is basically a dumbed down version of that hack.  see the problem??


                            2. Your KD doesnt mean Jack about your skill level.  Since you are on here promoting the use of the TF i will make a fairly educated guess and say you constantly useds: Portable Radars, Siterep Pro, Motion Sensors, Juggernaut, etc...


                            3.  If you were actually as good as you think you are.. you would NOT use that attachment. Nor would you ever consider making a thread to make yourself feel better about using it.  if you have to ask about it, you already know the answer.


                            4.  If you want to use it, use it. But dont try to act like your good if you are using it. (It was put in this game for players who SUCK or are new to the game to have a fighting chance, but is constantly used by kids "who think they are good" to pub stomp on the players who actually should be using it.


                            Love, the guy who has 2 kills using the TF in his 7 prestiges 

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                              Like all things in the game, it's only noobish depending on how it's used. Someone camping or headglitching with it, or anything else, is noobish. I've only ever used it in LMGs to pick out targets at a distance. I used to use the thermal scope but I don't like the dual band thingy. I've not had any fan mail yet.


                              People can find a reason why anything is for noobs, had an angry message for dumping a Betty next to a car yesterday as I knew I wouldn't survive the multiple incoming hostiles. I died as one triggered it, car blew up and I got a triple kill. Apparently they're OP and I shouldn't use them.


                              The way I look at it is this, if it's there to be used, use it. It's in the game for a reason. With the benefit gained from the TF, it also has disadvantages like tunnel vision when aiming.


                              Having said that, overkill has always annoyed me, DSR + MO7, honestly? The secondary's are so good in this and past CODs you don't need it. But, it's there to be used I suppose.

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                                  red dots not for noobs, nor is fast mag, ext mag, stock, grip, acog, hybrid, fmj, mms, suppressor, would you like me to go on?? The tubes in this game arent even bad and their name is "noob tube"


                                  PS as long as you didnt drop a shock next to your BB. That was a great tactic and i give you a thumbs up.