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    Using a Sniper Rifle and Camping has Gone ..............unrealistic Game play?

      Just having a rant really as I am not happy with Black Ops 2 Stealth Game play it's not realistic.


      Well I believe Black Ops 2 has been ruined, well at least for me now as Ghost does not really mean Ghost anymore...why have you done this Guy's?


      The idea of a Sniper is to: Look for targets of opportunity by tracking enemy movements, snipers wait patiently for unsuspecting soldiers to present the opportunity for a perfect shot.

      Sure we don't get as many kills but our kill death ratio is good.


      Since playing Black Ops 2 my kill death ratio has gone south for the winter.


      Having to run around like headless chickens and spraying bullets everywhere is getting difficult for me as my fingers start aching.

      So I make this plea for all aging soldiers who want more realistic Game Play..........Bring back the correct Stealth Perks for Snipers and leave the headless chickens to run around.


      Seriously I may have to go back to MW3 and get my tent out.........this game is for young guns , not guys who want to take Game Play seriously.


      Cheers Gary

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          The only thing I can say is that "CoD" and "realism/realistic" never belong in the same sentence...or even the same post...


          Though I can agree that REAL sniping is getting harder and harder to do now.


          The problem with Ghost or any stealth Perk is that, as a Perk, it's available to EVERYONE, not just Snipers. So if you were to make Ghost or any sort of stealth Perk SO good for one class, it will be that much better for everyone, which resulted in such (corner) camping and whatnot in BLOPs I and MW3, which lead to the slight nerf it now has.


          This is why I was thinking that, depending on your weapon choice, you are put into a certain class category, thus only certain Perks will be available to use for that class. Like being a sniper will net you more stealth perks, but less offensive/defensive perks, or using a LMG will put you where you can get more offensive and/or defensive Perks, but less stealth. SMG can get you some stealth and some offensive Perks, but less defensive, and so on.

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            Give Hardcore a try. Suppressed snipers are a one-shot kill anywhere to the body, and there is only a radar when the enemy team has a UAV up, run CUAV or have someone on your team running a Stinger (assuming you'll be using a pistol secondary). Plus no killcam to reveal your position.

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              you can play domination and watch B and A/C with a sniper...

              i do that for ground war because it doesn't seem to have as many bullshit moments unlike every other playlist where everybody seems to have a throttle on their connection or their way to far away for anybody to have a good game.

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                I think what most players have missed through out is that BO 2 was meant to be a fast paced game without campers and corner lurkers hence the change in ghost.

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                  Traditional sniping has been kicked out of the game for a long, long time.

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                    People would camp even without stealth Perks and still be somewhat successful against an average player.


                    Actually saw many people in MW3 who still camped, but didn't use  Assassin (Pro) sometimes purposely just so people WOULD know where they are when a UAV was up because they know that if they stay there and people know where they are, then they'll most likely come running to find them. As nothing but a red dot on a minimap, it may reveal their general location, but it won't reveal just what they're doing. The only time they'll move around is if an AUAV is up (or Blackbird in BLOPS or VSAT in BLOPs II) because it actually reveals which way they're looking and their movements in real time, so enemies will know which way NOT to charge in as they'll know they're facing that way, waiting for them or if they turn towards their direction.


                    And even then, there are tons of people who "only use <their> eyes" and don't even glance at the minimap, even when a UAV or anything is up to reveal enemy positions because they don't want to be seen as "red dot chasers", so even if the minimap says they're right next to them down the hallway, they'll STILL be taken by surprise by that person because they just never bothered to look (and then wonder where they came from/how he killed them and such).


                    I've always kept saying that people need to use a balanced amount of the minimap AND their own senses.


                    I can't count the number of times I would see an enemy running towards where 2 or 3 teammates are in a room from the first floors, gunfighting people in the room across halls in Drone or across the houses in Standoff, or on Carrier or something, and even when the first guy guarding the door/flank is killed, the other 1-2 people don't even GLANCE in that direction, despite the obvious sound of the guy going "ARGH!" from dying coupled with the sound of (suppressive) gunfire (and/or not noticing the red dot appearing on the minimap from unsuppressed fire and/or the greed arrow of their 3rd teammate disappearing from being killed), allowing the enemy to move around and take out the other two easily.


                    And to top it all off, again, wondering how the enemy "snuck up on them" and such.


                    Same on the flip side. A teammates(s) would be running around more than likely staring at their minimap, hoping to see a red dot(s) appear, only for an enemy(s), in plain view, come out of a door ahead of them, and the teammate(s) run right past that enemy(s), and the enemy(s) kill them.

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                        Sitrep pro is right. Traditional sniping is a lost art in CoD. The last game where a traditional sniper could do some good for the team was MW2. Since then the devs had been taking away from the traditional sniper every advantage he has. Prefering quickscopes instead.


                        The idea of loadout specific perks is an awsome one. And one I would really enjoy. I think it would add a new dimension to the gaming experience. But the sad reality is that these games are built and designed for the pre-teens ( which shouldn't be on this game online imo) and up to mid twenty's. All they want to do is run around and spray bullets, as you said "like chickens with their heads cut off".

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                            sitrep pro was to strong, awarness is to weak. this game needs the imbetween, 3arch overcompensated this error =/.


                            MW2 still has best map design.

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                                Ehn. I'd liek to disagree. WAY too many open places with little cover. Either it was a map with building upon building thrust in your eyes or plain open space. Either an AC-130 would **** you or a chopper gunner through building windows.
                                I feel Black Ops 1 had MUCH more balanced maps. Every map was open yet not so much. Except for Nuketown, all the maps were quite well balanced.
                                Add to the fact that the spawning was improved 50 fold compared to MW2.
                                MW2- call in chopper gunner, spawn trap enemy until chopper leaves
                                Black Ops 1 - even if spawn trapped, will switch somewhere else after a couple deaths
                                Maps like Afhgan/Estate were just too big. Wastland was... AC-130 heaven. Karachi was heli heaven. And so on.
                                IDK. I personally found Black Ops 1 maps to be awesome. A more tradtional sniping role could be taken.

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                                Traditional sniping? What exactly is "tradtional sniping?" Running around with sleight of hand pro with the added effect of faster ADS? That was in MW2 if you can't rememeber, not Black Ops. Black Ops 1 prevented faster ADS on sleight of hand with snipers. Black Ops 1 gave rise to a more "tradtional sniping." Where you sat in one place, covering the assault/lmg/smg carrying guys.
                                I have no idea how you can think that MW2 had more of a tradional sniping compared to Black Ops 1.

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                              UAV is the issue with ghost, ghost if it blocked UAV guarnteed would have been fine. the problem: UAV get spammed way to much. if i had my way UAV wouldnt exist. but for balance, UAV would need to be 25 points away from CUAV. UAV would also need to be above hunterkiller as well UAV is better than hunterkiller. setting it up like 500 HK, 525: UAV 550: CUAV 575: carepackage.


                              as for those who complain about UAV being high, low score per kill in TDM and FFA is the issue there, not the UAV.


                              also if UAV is that high a normal ghost would be balanced, should still be seperated from blindeye though.


                              as for map design. this is just the common 3arch issue of overcompensation. like with snipers in BO. teh best map designs need veriety.

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                                If you want to play as a sniper, play Battlefield 3. Sniping has never been realistic in CoD and never will.

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                                  this game is just run run as fast as you can .  It's getting old fast, they even made the running speeds faster it seems to me .  I'm popped in mw 3 the other day, and it felt like I was running in slow motion . 

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                                    Cold-Blooded, Toughness, and Hardline. They might find you on UAV, but if you're good, be damned if you're a hard spot to remove from your post. Claymores/Betties/Shocks help too.


                                    Just don't snipe on Carrier unless you have 2-3 people covering you. Way too many directions you can be shot from to go it alone (unless they're stupid and rush into your sight).

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                                      The change to Ghost hasn't really affected me but I run and gun a lot.  However, I would have no problem with it if they changed it back.  I thought that it was a silly change to begin with.

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                                        The thing is that even if you had all those perks your physical being is still visible.


                                        I do okay as a sniper with what is available. Low profile and creativity make you less visible but short of a stealth suit or invisible perk you can still be seen. Just as a sniper has to hide themselves you have to keep yourself hidden.


                                        Sniping points don't always need to be from above either.


                                        I think the best solution isn't necessarily  more perks but bigger maps so the enemy cant see you from one end of the map.

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                                          Um no the perks are fine this is all I need is Cold Blooded and Toughness or I can still use Ghost if you knew anything about realistic sniping you would realize that this game is an Arcade Military FPS meaning it does not have to be realistic also there is no UAV Spam just Target Finder Spam lol. Also there is a thing called mobile sniping meaning you get a kill then leave that area or move to a different position ever think of that of course not cause you think sniping is corner camping. The only time a sniper stays in an area after a kill is if there are more enemies coming their way they don't stay in that spot if they have an objective. So yea enough with this crap about Ghost cause you know you just wanna use it to camp.

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                                              You must play some REALLY lucky lobbies then because, from my experience, it's not much different than MW3 with constantly hearing "Enemy UAV inbound!" almost every couple minutes.


                                              On the flip side, I only see Target Finders in moderation.


                                              The only sniper that really fits special ops snipers like the type of action here is the SVU due to its lighter weight, allowing for quicker movements on the go without it hindering you too greatly and to set up in different positions with its semi-auto fire allowing the user to hold down a certain area a little bit. The other, bigger, more powerful snipers (especially bolt action ones) are more for the type of real long range sniping where the user could be half a mile or more away where they don't HAVE to worry about people catching onto their position too quickly and finding them like you can here.


                                              Thus, that's where the realism cuts off. With the way the game has gone since CoD4, actual sniping, "hardscoping" has little place in the game. May as well NOT include sniper rifles in the series at all anymore. Heck, they could take out every primary but SMGs and it wouldn't make that much a difference in gameplay.

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                                              Here is an idea that I think they should add they should make it where if you are staying still you are slightly cloaked but you are still on the radar and if you are moving you lose your cloaking ability but you are gone from the radar that way if it really is snipers complaining they can't be seen.

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                                                Play some Battlefield 3 mate. There you can snipe to your hearts content.
                                                I'm so glad that Treyarch has done what they did with Ghost. Ghost was the most abused/bullshit perk in Black Ops. Not bad that I couldn't kill people like MW3 and Assassin just annoying. So many times I'd play a lobby that had at LEAST 3 guys sitting in corners with claymores protected by ghost.
                                                As for sniping... play Black Ops 1 if you want to snipe so bad or as I said, BF3.
                                                Except for Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2, when has the role of a sniper in COD been that of, well, a sniper. Every Modern Warfare game was quick scope heavy rush. You go back and play either 2 or 3 and you'll still find lobbies full of quickdraw MSR guys.
                                                Black Ops is the only one that brings actual sniping where you hunker down and wait for an enemy.
                                                MW gave rise to YouTube quick scoping vids. All you saw were guys with snipers running around getting quick scopes. How would ghost have helped them(or assasin)?

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                                                  I think Ghost needs a buff tbh. Either that or remove UAVs from the game entirely. The problem with Ghost Pro from Black Ops was the maps were large, it countered killstreaks (both AI controlled and User controlled), and it took more bullets to kill than other CoDs. All of which created a slow paced Call of Duty. If Ghost was like the Black Ops 1 version (not the pro equivalent), then because maps are smaller, bullets do more damamge and killstreaks are more powerful, the gameplay wouldn't really be affected.