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    Still annoyed at DLC & Season Pass Prices (UK/EUROPE PS3 Only)


      i cannot contact sony because i cannot acsess my password. so this is my other option, and its probaly going to get much more attention

      as far as i know this applys to UK and EUROPE. (im going to use US dollar because activision is based there)

      the price of DLC & Season pass on the xbox's are much cheaper than on the ps3.

      in the USA they are both $49.99 and i converted that into pounds and euros.

      Sterling - 30.7588

      Euro - 37.9124

      So why are the season passes about £2 for Xbox more (£32.99) and over £11 more for the ps3 (£42.99)

      also in europe (i chose germany, they didnt have a irish/finnish) a season pass is is 49.99. thats even worse becasue its only on pc and its over 20 too much

      DLC's for xbox's and ps3 are $14.99, while they should be 11.47 or £9.22. Xbox has dlc for £9.99 for each set while ps3 varys from £11.99 to £12.99.

      the rest of europe pays .... (dunno, when i find out i will put it there.)


      i am very annoyed because of this...