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      If You Seriously Want To Merge Please Read And Either Message Me Or Coment On Clan Page





      Clane name: CombatControl

      Creator: Me (Thunder_drop)

      Total Clan Members: 6

      BO2 Level: 6

      Mw3 Level: 2

      Clan Created: November 10th, 2012




      My clan CombatControl is an okay clan. My clan does'nt have enough dedicated people that play. We are currently level 6 for bo2. I bet my clan would be higher but out of the 5 guys i have only 2 maybe 3 that actually play in the clan ops and for a few of the ops i have been the only person participating. Im looking to merge with another more dedicated clan. I cant just fold this clan because i still want to have a right to say that i created the clan, but if i merge i would be saying that me and another person created it. I also think that we should have a better clan leader besides myself because my internet only has a small bandwith (10 gigs) and i have three other people useing it, so most of the time i run out of bandwith at the end of the month.