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    DLC Peacekeeper SMG

      Any thoughts if this will be available for mp, zombies, or both??

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          1. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

          Nobody knows as of yet. Im hoping mp

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            2. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

            Search box.


            There are plenty of existing posts on this already.


            Other than that - it has to be zombies as it won't be possible to implement it into MP

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              3. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

              How do you figure it won't be possible to implement into MP? This is the first game with pre-set DLC slots that I can remember.


              I'd wait for official word.

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                4. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

                Sure it will be tons of games offer new guns as dlc and it works out fine

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                  5. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

                  I don't feel like using the "search box" but mw3 said they were suppose but didnt.. Even battlefield adds guns into mp.. So maybe treyarch has figured a way to do it

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                    6. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

                    I've posted this before elsewhere in a similar thread.


                    All members of the lobby would need to have the DLC in order for the gun model to be available for other players to pickup when dropped.

                    The same goes for map DLC - you can't play the maps if one person in the lobby doesn't have it

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                      7. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

                      But is it like if I'm a level 10 1st prestige.. I kill a guy and pick up his gun which is let's say a scar which you unlock on hire rounds.. I could still use it until I die.. I won't be able to level it up, but still use it.. Just a thought

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                        8. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

                        Because that gun model is built into the disc and game config out of the box.


                        So unless the model and files for this new SMG are already on the disc, meaning the DLC is just a disc unlock code, then it won't work.

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                          9. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

                          Ok can we get something clear, here are my thoughts and your wrong about everyone have to have the gun.


                          When you order Collection One, it be in its own playlist just like nuketown 24/7 is, So anyone with the Collection One will play within that list, if you don't have the Collection One you won't be able to play in it, and that means they can implement the gun into the game, cuase the players wihtout the Collection One will be Playing the Core Game Types, So why can't they put a new gun into the game, if you don't buy it you won't be playing the play list anyways,


                          Know I know what if you don't buy Collection 1 and you only buy the other's, well I'm sure that all the Dlc will be in one big playlist buy itself, and if you don't have any of the DLC only one, you only get match up with the DLC you have, so there you won't have to ask that question, so yes they can put a gun  into MP and seperate it from the ones that don't have it, so I really think this GUN is for Zombie's cause of the name PeaceKeeper.

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