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    What are the WORST scorestreaks?

      Just wondering what you guys think is the worst scorestreaks of the bunch. heres my top ones, let me know yours.


      1. EMP - WAY too high a score required for what it does. Pretty easy to block if you run the the perk that blocks it. If it was considerably lower, like 800-850 I would consider using it more often, also should be more points for assist since it is technically the most powerful support scorestreak. Bottom line need more incentive to use it.


      2. Dragonfire - Should be 600-700 to get not near 1000. Too easy to shoot down, WAY TOO HARD to lock on to targets, basically if your on a 3 bar or lower you have to hold aim zoom & keep it completely still to get enough hits to drop someone. Its extremely hard to lock onto someone while moving on anything less than a 4 bar most of the time. And if your standing still it makes it soo easy to shoot down at that point. Bottom line: needs to be buffed considerably, have not seen many ppl use this since November (only maybe half a dozen - not counting care packages)


      3. War Machine - If you are trying to kill someone with flak jacket it will take 5-6 shells to kill the person. Thats half the ammo gone on one person.  Also there is no reason to use this when you can just shoot the person normally & get four or five times as many points than you would for using a regular weapon - example: 25 points per kill, 125 points per kill in Dom.


      4. Warthog - If its a open map like Carrier or Nuketown this is VERY good. However on in door maps like Drone, Express, or Overlfow IT IS USELESS, most of time wont even get beyond 1 kill, its realy a hit or miss scorestreak. And for that reason I would want to see it lowered in score requirement.


      5. Counter UAV - Only reason I put this on here is the fact it should not take 600 Points or 6 kills to get this, there should be more incentive to use this, it is so valuable to a team & I would like to see this lowered or offer more points per assist.

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          I agree with your list almost 100 %    Dragon fire is a great idea, but yeah it's extra weak. a hand ful of bullets and it's history.


          i thought  an neat idea might  add 2   low powered   Flash bangs to shoot from it. give it a little extra spice!


          i disagree with the War machine, i'd rather have that than the chaingun death machine.   Maybe im just not that good at it. but i end up dying pretty easily with it, still takes several hits to down someone

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            3.care package, should be reworked to only be able to get streaks up to the amount of points you have eg at least 1900 score to get swarm

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              My top 3 worthless scorestreaks would have to be  1. Dragonfire  The only way this is useful is if you are playing with a team and a couple of your teammates run with it to try and cover you. 2. Death Machine You pretty much have to walk around with the thing up because people always outdraw you. 3. RC/XD In my opinion taking cover and wasting the time for one kill does not really help the team, just throw up a uav already! I agree that the CUAV is quite powerful and it should actually IMO be harder to get considering it counters a VSAT! Anyways those are just my thoughts.

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                For me, it is the hunter killer since it feels like I'm just throwing a paper airplane that can't hit ****

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                  Depends on the gamemode.

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                    most useless

                    war machine/death machine: you are better off killing with your own gun to get more points unless they increase the points per kill for this particular streak.

                    rcxd: low reward high risk, too easy to get killed while using this


                    i think the dragon fire is fine usually get 3-4 kills with it, havent used the warthog that much but i just love that roar it makes on those sweeps.

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                      I'd say these two:


                      Hunter Killer - In my combat record, I have used 130 and got around 65 kills with it. Thats 0.5 kills per use.


                      Care Package - Takes too long to call in, can be taken way too easily because of the super OP Black Hat.

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                        I'm surprised the RC-XD isn't on your list. I suppose it can be handy for clearing out rooms full of enemies, but in most cases, there's little point in keeping it around for that one opportunity when it takes forever to use and nets you no more than 25 points in most cases. Perhaps if they allowed it to be AI-controlled it would be more useful.


                        The EMP is fine where it is. Players can dodge it but scorestreaks cannot. All it takes is one EMP, and you've neutralized any air support the enemy team has or is waiting to call in--save it for a VSAT or something comparable, and it's totally justified its position. (Does the EMP kill the Swarm, too? Always wanted to test that.)


                        In my experience, the Warthog rarely gets fewer than five kills, even on maps that are mostly indoors. You just need to be sure to bring it in while everyone is outside, and patrol the buildings while it's up so you can force people to spawn outside.


                        The Counter-UAV is fine where it is, as well. Maybe it takes more time to get it in TDM, but in most objective games, two objective defences, a capture, and an assist will be enough to earn it with Hardline. Any fewer points and there would be too many of them, I think.


                        The War Machine is also incredibly useful for defending objectives, as well--especially on Headquarters. One time I had a War Machine while playing on Hijacked when the HQ spawned at the front of the boat. I was the last one alive on my team to defend the HQ, and I was waiting under the helipad for the enemy team to show up--right before they destroyed the HQ, I came out from behind cover and demolished all five of them with the War Machine. It works amazingly well if you use it properly.


                        The Dragonfire is also quite handy as-is--you just need to practice flying it in a way that'll keep you safe. I wish it could be AI-controlled, though.


                        In my opinion, the most useless streaks are the RC-XD and the Death Machine. The former takes forever to use, and the latter nets few points while offering little tangible improvement over most regular guns. I don't think an EMP/Concussion assist should net you more points than kills with these streaks.

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                            lots of ppl hatting on the Rc , and it's supposed to be weak. it's  the easiest kill streak that actually does damage.


                            and in BO 1  yo ucould get it with 2 kills with hardline.   so it's just right in this game i think.


                            Pretty sure EMP kills ALL killstreaks in the air,   the better question is dogs. if u emp while dogs are out, do they go away ? or stick around for more fun

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                            rc car and dragonfire are terrible killstreak both are far to easily took out