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    Rage Quitters

      Make my night, they give it all the big un over the mic, your sh*t, your a camper, then the following game after they've already been owned, there getting owned again, check the leaderboard, there gone.

      Its happened a few times this week.


      Just wanted to know your guys thoughts on them?


      Like i said they make my night knowing you put someone in there place

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          Personally I don't like all the quitting going on.  it's a game, be a sport, you talk trash when you win but can't take a beating?  such selfishness out there. the guy that's been diligent and is now dropping his swarm has no one to kill.  the "team" you were on is wondering if you've ever heard the term "comeback". 

          there is no way to stop them and punishment is just dumb cuz its not going to change anything.  Im sure someone will post " i bought this game and ill play it the way i want"  i see it everytime. but everyone else bought the game too.  its called sportsmanship. its about teamwork and fair play. we all share this game. 

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              The problem with this game is there isn't a fair playing field anyway. One team always has the advantage connection wise, even if its the smallest amount.


              I find it funny when someone talks shite to you because you either beat them, or they beat you.


              In my opinion, no one is better then anyone. The only thing they, or we have better is the connection.


              Someonetimes I get kills and I'm like 'how the **** did he just die' and sometimes i get killed and i'm like what the **** I just layed at least 5-7 bullets in you on Hardcore mode'

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                I dont like the quitting as i'd prefer to keep terrorizing them the whole game, but its quite satisfying knowing you made them mad enough to quit, after they thought they were great.

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                    This is what I'm talking about!


                    How do you know, on their team they couldn't hit a barndoor and were getting 'insta killed', laying a clip into you and your team mates and gettind dropped by 1 bullet by your team.


                    Its all well and good saying you were destroying them, but through my experience (I'm prestiege 9) when you are slaughtering someone they can't drop anyone on your team. The leader board say its all.


                    If you're going 35-3 and they are something silly like 15-20 thats not down to them playing bad.. unless they are utter shite. Its down to the connection.


                    I always admit when I've had connection over someone, its blatantly obvious.

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                        Your putting everything down to connection when its not always down to that, they were getting kills and even killed me, but our team was just better, credit were credits due, why couldn't we of been the better team, not everyone left just the ones who were giving it the big un. They was out there depth and they knew it, hence the reason they left.

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                          I and the actual good players can do well and dominate on any or most connections.


                          I have had games where I have 3 bars and most people have 4, or I have 2, (or even I have 1 and everyone else has 4, rare but does happen) and still at LEAST manage to hold my own.


                          Connection doesn't affect much unless it's extreme. Even if it did the vast majority of the time the good players will adapt. The way you play is not affected, you just might be affected in a few head to head encounters.


                          Bad players put the blame on connection constantly because it is an easy scapegoat for their lack of skill. I have bad connection plenty of times and manage to overcome it.


                          Not saying itis never a factor (I have been on the bad, very bad infact,  end of the connection plenty of times of course). But people who say connection plays a major role a lot of the time are ignorant and most likely abysmal at the game.

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                      The only time I quit is when my team is getting spawn trapped.  But it's frustrating to play when you have 1 other person in your team

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                        I get that. You may do well in one game with one host, but the next is the opposite. Look at most peoples combat record and it is up down win loss. Not very many get consistent wins or consistently positive. I often quit when i see the countdown to start for me is 19 and see the host migration graphic as i leave. One game I go 20 and 5 the next 2 and 19 in the same lobby. Generally I am host on the bad game.


                        What you should be complaining about is people talking sh*t.....

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                          I do it all the time...even if my team is winning.  I tired of the bs on servers and queer cheaters.  When I see the score and crazily lopsided, you notice 95% of the players with HONEST scores, but there's that one or two guys who have a 25 Kills and 0 Deaths with in the first couple minutes of the game.  I won't cater to that, no one should.  Im no n00b, but I do it all the time.  I know everyone has a game that everything is just working out for you and your k/d for that session is awesome, it's happened with me, but you can only get so lucky so often.  Although it sucks when you're having a good game, but I totally understand people frustrations with the lack of effort these gaming developers are putting to prevent hackers and banning them to keep the game honest.  So when I get my ass handed to me, I'll can feel a bit of honor that I was beat by a great player, not a little dweeb who knows how to hack files.

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                              If I / we get beat by a better team.. That is fine.  If half our team leaves because we just got beat, I will stick it out (hell yesterday izjar, myself and a couple of my friends got ditched and we had to play a GW game 4v9... We got slaughtered but we did not leave)


                              However: when you see that the enemy is going way positive, and your tea is going way negative... You know the connection is lopsided. Time to leave.

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                                  No, no no.


                                  Sorry but that's just not true.


                                  One team CAN completely dominate the other team. Quite easily infact. It's called being better, more knowledgable, more experienced, smarter players. Or perhaps playing as a clan?


                                  One team dominating is rarely related to connection to a large extent. Infact not often to any extent.


                                  These excuses are laughable. I have seen teams who ARE actually at a significant connection DISadvantage comepletely destroy teams who have the connection advantage.


                                  Pretty much all connection issues can be countered by adapting your playstyle. Only in extreme cases may this be more difficult.

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                                If they talk smack before and after losing its funny to see them leave. At times, the game conspires against you, its strange like that.

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                                  I play the game for fun, and if I'm not having fun, I back out. Getting slaughtered all match is not fun

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                                    yea i am getting tired of this as well. and the big part is most of them have been able to make the game disconnect so they dont get the count on the wins losses either. they need to start fixing stuff.

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                                      Last night I came across a full party on Nuketown Domination, they all joined the lobby giving it big. I know one of them was a youtuber too.


                                      I called in a stealth chopper, then my Vsat, then earned my Lodestar. Carried on by bullying them in their spawn and earned another chopper and Vsat.

                                      By that time I was 35-2 and they all started leaving, it was only 2 or 3 minutes into the match.


                                      'enemies forfeiting in 20 seconds...'


                                      Game ends after 4 minutes with no players left on the enemy team and I still hadn't used my Lodestar lol.



                                      I can't stand rage quitters though especially if they're the host, it always messes up my theatre games so if I have a great game I can't save the entire match as it's split into parts.


                                      Had 3 games I wanted to save last night but could only save one because of this.

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                                        Yeah but the most reasons for quitting is the game in total trash for example.... Seeing your enemy firing 1 2 3 4 hitmarkers then you die....wtf....kill cam then shows you head down running get killed,last second you are starting to lift your gun how on earth is this not a good reason to QUIT when your just on a suicide mission knowing your not gonna win jack ****..... Moaning about quitters is not the problem its the game thats the problem that need fixing first.......thats the root cause.

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                                          Connection has quite a bit to do with how well you are going to play.


                                          The other day I played 3 games Ballistic Knife only and I was getting bloodthirstys with it and scores like 21-11, 15-7 and  12-2 I was running around killing people like I was Rambo. The connection was definitely on my side because I am probably a below average player as I have only been playing CoD since October 2011 and I started with MW2 and skipped Black Ops 1. The other team easily put 2-3 bullets into me before I even fired off my Ballistic but they still died first. If only it was always that way.

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                                            So many people rage quit now it is pathetic.More than 90 % of the matches I get thrown into are losing matches with little time left and the only good matches I get in I start doing well and look at the leaderboards to see 2 enemies left because the enemy team keeps rage quitting.So my score of 25-2 at halftime turns into 28-15 at the end because everyone keeps quitting and noone is left to kill but the enemy that keeps spawning behind me.The idiot boosters are in almost every lobby in HC now too.

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                                              These kind of rage quitters are the worst kind, "I'm going to poop all over you, and when I'm done with you I'm going to move onto your family" I hate these kind of people. However, some people rage quit for different reasons, if I get shot around corners over and over again, I'm going to leave, pointless finding cover if it's completely useless.

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                                                Quitting through the game doesn't have consequences. Probabtion exists but not only do you have to quit a lot and in a very specific manner but you also don't get much of a punishment. I've never played a title where I was constantly going up against rage quitters as much as Black Ops II. There are so many reasons why this happens. Half is on the players themselves and half is on the devs for making such a volatile game.

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                                                  I try not to rage quit. But if my team os losing , i will stick with it until the end unlike some. Having said that. If the lag is bad then i leave. If the host has poor internet then why stay. Getting killed because you got out plAyed is one thing. Getting killed because the lag is hold u up is quite another. And the lag is getting worse sadly.

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                                                    Your grammar is worse than rage quitters op.