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    LagComp Video Discussion: BlackOps2 Edition

      As a follow-up to my original post on lagcomp in MW3, here is the BlackOps2 edition. Happy holidays.


      You can find a chart at 5:45 showing the delays for a variety of pings, and a quick comparison to MW2 at 8:36.


      5:45 - LagComp Summary

      8:52 - Game Review






      Video description will be updated regularly with common questions/info. Please read prior to posting questions/comments; your question may be answered already.


      --New Info

      0:30 Instant Death / Damage Spikes

      1:25 Offline Lag


      1:58 Broken Camera Hypothesis

      3:28 Networking as a Developer: Quick Overview

      4:58 Regular Matchmaking

      6:15 Lag Compensation

      8:11 Assumptions From Previous Titles

      9:02 Hitbox Desync

      10:16 Host Advantage in BO2: Clarification


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