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        30. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

        i used to have fun doing it on MW3. i can't on BO2 now that there is no way to hide from the UAV.

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          31. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

          u dnt need to hide from the uav to effectively snipe, just good position and enough awareness to know when its time to move to the next spot. i have always been able to straight up camp whithout bo1 ghost or mw3 assassin . in blops1 1 i always ran scavenger or flak jacket and in mw3 i ran hardline or blast shield. silencer was all the stealth i ever really needed and alot of the time i didnt even use that.

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            32. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

            Yeah I agree with u a hundred percent but theres really not two different types of camping like you said There is no such thing as just camping theres only Sniping and Camping. Sniping as u may already know is when someone stays in one place and takes shots at you with a sniper rifle. A camper is some who stays in one spot and takes shots at with something OTHER than a sniper rifle and ACOG sights go with this as well cause there not really scopes at all. Sniper Rifles are the one weapons that are truely used for staying in one place. Not a shotgun or an Assult Rifle. I dont know about u guys but I personally think Ground Snipers are worst than Camper. For those who dont know what that is, Its when some goes on foot on the ground scoping you. I dont mind If ur sniping on the ground in an area like in back of Drone in Black Ops 2. But if your running around scoping people with a sniper rifle that really p!sses me off they're not made for that.


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              33. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

              You are right sniping isn't camping.  And even if it was, camping is a gaming style people decide on.

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                34. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

                Even though I am an anti-camper and tend to treat anyone who stays in a spot for 10+ seconds as a camper, I agree that there is a difference between sniping and camping.


                Filibuster1995 wrote:

                Why is sniping generally hated amongst rushers and often confused with camping?


                Because the rushers distinguish running around and spraying as "putting forth effort" while staying in a general location and sniping as "lazy". TBH, I refuse to use sniper rifles because I don't agree with the 1 shot, 1 kill. Last time I picked up a sniper rifle from one of my kills, I got 9 kills from it before someone killed me. From then on, I just avoided using them. I like the challenge of Run & Gun especially vs. the Skorpion. It feels so good to beat Spray & Pray.

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                  35. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

                  I think it depends on the situation. For example, on Yemen, and an efficient sniper in the lone building (right side, running from A to C), can dominate that entire side of the map and prevent the enemy from accessing A or B via that route. Yes, the sniper's not going to capture anything, but if he's denying the enemy the ability to flank from one side, it's very helpful.

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                    36. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

                    This is why I usually play TDM only when i snipe, so i can try to help my team. HC TDM with a silencer is also good for sniping. I don't QS (okay i do but only if someone rushes me and i don't have time to take out my secondary, it's either QS or hipfiring in panic) so unless you use an Overkill-class it does limit what you can do in objective games with a sniper rifle, but some people just don't seem to care.


                    I have capped flags in CTF and some in Dom too while playing with a sniper, but as i use a few spots in each map for sniping and move between them i prefer TDM because for some reason i don't find camping a flag that interesting although it might help the team. The 10-year olds who try to QS and trickshot only while ignoring the objective are the worst in my book.

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                      37. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

                      campers are noobs, snipers are more experienced

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                        38. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

                        Agreed.  Every map has a spot or two to overlook the b flag and snipe.  But you only need one maybe two doing it, not four or five of the six man team!  That is when it annoys me.

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                          39. Re: Snipin' Ain't Campin'

                          Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, unfortunately there are too many players not willing to adapt and change their style.  For me that is what playing CoD is all about, especially now there are so many options for class setups, you never know what you will face so you need to be flexible in what you are going to do to be successful.  If you pick a class or playstyle and it's not working then switch to something else, I do and quite often I find it works in my favour.  The fact players wont change, or can't adapt, is possibly one reason there are so many quitters (along with connection issues).

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