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        20. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

        Maybe because most people aren't long range campers. Get over it.

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          21. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

          Weapon in FPS are like cars in racing games.


          I would not want to play a racing game in which all cars are balanced, equals. I want the Ferrari's to be faster than the Honda, and I want the rear wheel drive car to handle differently than the front wheel drive. You can't choose any car and do as good.


          Same with my weapons in FPS. I want a variety of weapons, stronger and weaker ones, I want a different feel to each of them, I dont want them all balanced, equal. Riotshield  is and should be a weaker weapon. You can't choose any weapon and expect to do as good.


          Some weapon are weak overall, increasing the satisfaction when getting a kill with them. Some are overall very good, which make them not as gratifying when using them. The variety is what make the game fun.


          Guns are truly different from one each other, they are not equals, and I'm happy its not just cosmetical

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            22. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

            Hahahaa. What are you on about? Every weapon should be good in it's own way. BALANCE. Otherwise, what's the point of them? The MSMC and PDW are overpowered.

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              23. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

              4 of my top 5 are all AR's. In this order.


              Type 25 (1600 kills) MTAR (541 kills) MP7 (446 kills) AN-94 (427 kills) M27 (299 kills)


              I have actually found that the AR's are easier to use, but that's just my opinion.

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                24. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

                curious about the depths of the cavity that you pulled that stat from but I'll say that I use the MSMC for one map and one map only and even then I've not used it this entire prestige as I've been working on nothing but assault rifles....about to finish my 4th.

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                  25. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

                  Laser Sight is a waste and I don't know how much increase long barrel has on SMGs but I wouldn't be surprised if it's minimal and that people are spending points on stuff they can do without.  Just like grip doesn't really do anything.

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                    26. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

                    parnezzi wrote:


                    that makes no sense, Mw3 did a good job with weapon balencing leaving the FMG9s out of course, everybody thinks that the ACR was the one best but that was only because it had no recoil. statiscally it had a slow RoF and weak damage, the MP7 sucked outside of CQC if someone knew how to aim. and even then in CQC the shotguns, and PM-9 mowed it down.


                    but this game the PDW and MSMC don't honestly have the weaknesses that you could take advantage of.

                    easy to control recoil, 3-5 shot kills, way to much ammo and fast reloads with the ability to have fast mags. not to mention the speed is top of the list just behind the knife.


                    its far from balenced

                    either you have slow reflexes or you use an airsoft gun.  I've no problems mowing people down with my FAL, Swat-5.56, M27, AN-94, Scar-H....there are several more AR's here but I've not really gotten into them as of yet.  No problems yet from SMG users.


                    It's cute too that you mention weapon balance on MW3 but have to exclude the FMG-9

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                      27. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

                      I'm not seeing this overpoweredness from these weapons either.

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                        28. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

                        I have ~2K kills each with both the MSMC and PDW. You mad? I've rarely used the MSMC since I mastered it (2nd prestige/all camos). Switched to the PDW and just finished mastering that. Now I've started playing with the FAL and it's just as good imo, just not as useful in GW when I want to rush (movement penalty + mag size).


                        Sitting in 1 spot ADSing waiting for some poor sucker to run into my crosshair is boring. I play defensive or slow from time to time, but I prefer to constantly traverse the map and SMGs are the best for that because of the map layout and no speed penalty (plus the large mag size of the PDW). If moving isn't your cup of tea then by all means, continue crying about the people who know how to flank the idiots with Target Finders ADSing non-stop completely unaware of their surroundings.

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                          29. Re: If you say that this game is balanced, then....

                          smg's take no skill to use in this game at all and the maps suck and are too small! The only way to beat smg players with assault rifles is to use stock with dexterity and maybe quick draw. If you use a assault rifles rushing without anything on your class like i said you will get shat on from a great height and the reason why is because smg's have better mobility, faster ads, and ridiculous hipfire even without attachments...that is not balanced.


                          On other call of duty games i could rush with assault rifles and have no problems but then this game forced me to use stock+ghost+AN94 and to literally aim round every corner which is just sad how bad this game has come to but its the only way i can avoid the bs OP smg's.

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