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    Officially done with call of duty

      I am now officially done with call of duty. Im going to speak my peace and you guys do as you wish but this is why i am officially done.

      1( The lag compensation in this game is the worst i have ever seen, if you go on youtube you will see over 500,000 hits about this issue. The complaints have been enormous. Trearch says there are no problems. This is how arrogant they have become.I believed in Trearch and defended them to the hilt until Black ops 2 has come out. I have never seen where i have shot so many people 3-4-5 times never getting a hitmark then 1 shot i die. I have many videos on my file share where i have even walked up behind somebody not knowing i was there and be at point blank range and shoot a complete clip and being dead on them and after i shot and was reloading they just turned around and shot me. I have 23 megs of internet speed and my pings range from 16 to 23 depending on the time of day and best of all they want you to take all your firmware off and make a static ip address and with most cable companies you would have to buy an extra line thus also putting your internet in danger with no firewalls.  The one other thing that helped balance things out was ghost you could battle or maneuver your way out of spawn trapping but instead you have to move now which its is so funny to me because 90 % of people do nothing but run kamikazi style and when they get shot they complain somebody was camping. It just makes me so aggrevated that trearch used to be honest and play to all players but now its all about money just like infinity ward. They are promoting spawn trapping because that is all that is done on plaza and hijack and yet they have done nothing to fix it, but they say they have updated with a failsafe which has done nothing.

      2) Here is probably the most  thing i hate the most: They take off hardcore headquarters  because there was so much camping  or so they say yet they promote all of the spawn camping that goes on in hardcore capture the flag, that is all that every game is about any more in hardcore capture the flag. They take ghost away so the medium connect to bad connection or in this case good connection with the lag compensation they have in this game  and force you  you out and because 90 % of the people run and gun out in the open with the better connection and you get screwed. All the games are nothing but rush rush rush and to me absoutly no fun, I myself tried to methodically move stalk and be smart about my kills which it used to be that way but yet again trearch caters to hey lets run stupidlly out in the open but if i get shot somebody is automatically camping. I am not a camper in a corner but i try to move smart to win the game but yet with the stupidness of running kamikazi all the time lets cater to them. I once believed in terarch but no longer, i can bet they will not let this post stay on long or ban me so people cant see something negative. This could have been the best cod ever but in my opinion it is the worst with the lag compensation, spawn trapping and  kamikazi style play.