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    Looking for some people to team up with, maybe even a clan.

      Hey everyone, I know there have probably been countless threads asking for people to join clans, so forgive me for adding yet another one to the pile.  I'm looking for a group of players to play the game with, who are willing to use teamwork and tactics but still not take everything so seriously.  That being said it would be great if I could find a group that especially likes to play search and destroy.  I used to play a lot of cod 4, but since that game I have really kept up with regularly playing cod games, so I am pretty bad at the moment while I adjust to the maps and how different the game is compared to playing MAG and BF3 for the past couple years. Anyways if you are interested in teaming up reply to this post or you can hit me up on psn at Vladrek.   Oh I live on the east coast of the USA and I'm 27, I know that seems to be a huge factor with all these kids now playing.