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    The " Jimmy Zielinski please gimme the next Step in the Tranzit Easter Egg " Petition

      The aim of this thread is to get enough people to sign this petition and forward it onto to @ZielinskiJimmy in reply to his tweet on Dec 20th which is as follows " Some say "tell us", and many tell me to keep my mouth shut! I will say this: I always think I know what I want until I get it. "


      I'm not asking for a step by step of the whole Tranzit Easter Egg but just a definitive Next Step or if there are no Next Step's clarification that The Tower of Babble both Richtofen's and Maxis's are the Easter Egg in Tranzit. Otherwise we're going to keep going round in circles and will forget about it and move on to the Die Rise Easter Egg. After doing Shangri La's Easter Egg and always getting a reward of some sort after completing other Easter Eggs I think there has to be more to Tranzit if for no other reason than the Navcard currently serves no purpose


      If you agree please sign this thread with a " +1 " or " Signed " post

      I will tweet this to @ZielinskiJimmy when a 1,000 people sign it


      Please and Thanks