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    Kill Confirm & Domination vs TDM




      I am a huge TDM player (I mention that allot ) but this past weekend I decided to play allot more KC & Domination to try new things, to level up my weapons to get better at them.


      Here is a quick breakdown of the pros / cons vs TDM




      - Weapon / player level up is much faster

      - Engagements are much more in your face and fun

      - KD is not what matters but how many captures / tags you earned

      - You will be killed allot, this is good because it teaches you and you become better



      - Non-Objective playing team members, whom walk by the tag / flag and your left saying "WTH"

      - Overwhelming scorestreak scenarios, the opposing team has played so well that every imaginable scorestreak is in the air

      - You will die allot, now this is a good thing but it probably frustrates most who do not know how to take a loss


      I do not write much about objective games, but I am growing to enjoy them more than TDM. the strategy, the effort is simply different and more rewarding.

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          It's what drew me to them over TDM.  Granted TDM has it's own rewarding flavor but the Objective gamemodes offer a variety of twists and turns and a lot more action.  I've been trying out some different gamemodes myself and it's quite astonishing just how different each one can be.  I've found that certain perks/attachments which may be been useless to me before suddenly become staples in my loadouts depending on the game type.  It's a much more pronounced change than it was in previous titles and provides a fresh feel to the game in general.

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            KC has always where its been at for me. I find way too many campers or K/D whores in TDM. There is no objective other then high kills/low deaths so I guess I prefer objective modes more. And as for the killwhores in KC, I don't mind. If they wanna do all the killing, I'll be more than happy to snap up their tag. More points and less work for me. Win/Win.

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                For me its sort of the other way around I find more people waiting with their crosshairs ready on a flag or tag than TDM.


                TDM is simple, and is less demanding (in my opinion) I run into good fun fights on occasion but these two objective based games offer better variety.

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                Always been a domination fanatic, until recently  Found myself capping the first flag and then just standing there.  Switched to Ground War for some variety and like it, other than no small maps.  So I switch between GW and Dom.


                I do find I use the same perk setup for domination almost every map.  Flak, Scavenger and Engineer, with EMPs.  I have a few setups with some tweaks to that but generally they are the same.  I have a "quick and quiet" class for TDM and kill confirmed and literally never stop moving.  Domination is quite a different game to the other two.  I notice a lot of complaints about camping in domination, which I put down to players coming from TDM and not getting the concept that to defend a flag in Dom, you generally have to camp somewhere!  It is called domination and not "cap the flag and leave it for the enemy to take", although I think a lot of players think it is.  I'm not complaining, people can play how they want, just making an observation.

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                  all i play is KC. great game.

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                    I just started playing KC regularly in this game.  Didn't really play it more than a couple of hours overall in MW3.  I find that for the most part, there is a lot more action in this game mode and less camping.  The changes they've made to ghost have made me more of a rusher in this game, which in TDM does not always work out so well, but it seems to be pretty effective in KC.  The fact that you get 3x the XP that you get in TDM definetely motivates as well.


                    The only downside to KC is that once you go back to TDM, you'll find yourself running over dead bodies for tags that are non-existant, resulting in unnecassary deaths.  Damn I hate it when I do that!

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                        Same here, only played KC ops in MW3, I just didn't like it.


                        I DO however seem to favor it now in BO2.  I use the SMR so most of my kills come at longer range so I don't get but half my tags,.. but still when I get into TDM, forever running over dead bodies getting myself killed.

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                        Hi Ljzar!


                        Happy to know that, if you want to run GW with us a bit its all cool!


                        My KD is always higher on TDM (1.5). Overall its around 1.2 so far. In objective modes if you really want to win you need to be really aware of who are your opponents, you cant just play by yourself picking your spots or routs like on TDM! If you are in KC and you see your team mates dont grab Tags you need to balance that. If you see all them grab your Tags faster than you grab them (eventually getting you killed while pursuing it) then may be time of killwhoring a bit! If you see you are facing 5 Snipers or 5 Killwhores in KC (all taking advantage of a noob that goes grabbing their Tags) then it might be better for you to hold those 5 dudes and let your team take care of that lone runner! (All this as exemple). Add GW 9vs 9 to this and you'll have even more variables! Thats why I just play GW, plus it has the maps im used to!


                        Earlier today I got some 40-10 games, some Helis, some Warhogs (legits, no CP's)! But thats the bright side of Objective-modes! Then, on the dark side, you can easily go 10-20. Thats why your KD can flutuate so much playing these modes. Besides, on TDM everyone plays more "defensively" or "strategically" cause everyone wants to get some kills with his life. In objective-modes if everyone is playing the objectives its all cool: problem starts when killwhores-noobs join these games!.. Just one killwhore getting 50-10 with 0 Captures or with 0 Confirms is the necessary to ruin game for the intire lobby: he can eventually win if his team does what he was supposed to be doing (the objectives, right!?), so you'll need a high posture and strategy to beat those so-called "great players"!


                        *** As sidenote: where did most of these people come from? I see teams of 9 guys using Snipers on Kill Confirmed. Like common'! Serious!? They really think they are gonna Win that game-mode where you need to grab the Tags carrying those heavy guns!? Please people just stop all that snipping show on KC, you're gonna lose, easy to see, right!? ***

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                          i agree that TDM gets you a better K/D. mine was really good until i started playing an objective game (KC). but that's how it goes. you can hide out and get your ratio up or put yourself out there to get tags. i prefer to get tags. i usually rush, so i tend to get LOTS of tags as i get my own from close-range kills (pistol) as well as get any others i see.


                          i can not have a spectacular K/D and help my team at the same time. but i'll settle for my 1.20 or so.



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                            KC is the easiest mode to get your scorestreaks with. A few kills and confirms and you have them. Dom is ok, you can get them out ok. TDM just plain sucks. Takes ages to get my streaks on that. You get no-where near enough points for a kill

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                              I think Kill Confirmed has the best mix of Big Points and not getting your KDR raped - I love Domination and always go for the win and with not many others being like minded my KDR gets cornholed.


                              Kill Confirmed is where its at - I'd say I average 3 to 4 times the points I'd get in a TDM game.

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                                This is just my personal opinion.


                                I used to play TDM, and only a bit of DOM (MW2 and earlier) because I had no friends online.  Playing objective modes was a crap shoot.


                                Then In BO1 I entered a game of TDM (on array) and I went up against a team of snipers.  They were good no doubt but it made me think: "They destroyed us and never had to move from one side of the map"... they watched all the choke points and each others back, and never moved. This forced us to pull out snipers but by that time it was too late...


                                By this time I had some friends who only played HC HQ... and I never looked back.


                                This is my stance (and it is just an opinion): I do not play game modes where a whole team (in theory) could "camp, call in streaks and win" (Here I am using the term camp not to a play style, but just the fact that you do not HAVE to move to win*). So I no longer play:

                                -TDM (esp HC**)



                                It would frustrate me to no end to play smart, and cautiously only to be shot half way across the map by someone... and have to wait to respawn!? LOL


                                Now, I only play game modes where the goal is more than just killing people (note you can win in SnD not playing the objective... but one could argue that team elimination is an objective... fair I give you that, but my point is still clear)


                                * When I talk about having to move: again this is not anti-camping... but the point here is that at least some people on the team have to secure objectives.  I have played in games (obj and non) where on spawn everyone runs to a corner and hides.  You cannot win like this in an "objective" game (KC included), you can win when the goal is just killing.


                                * HC TDM in BO2 has been a bit more fun on some maps, esp with no respawn delays.

                                Side Bar: fav game mode and COD: HC HQ from BO1 (HC DOM from MW3 is a close 2nd)


                                (No way in this post am I trying to say that certain game modes, or the players who enjoy them are bad. I am just sharing my personal preferences on the topic at hand... if one is a bad player in an objective game mode, I will kick you from a lobby - or remove myself as the case may be -  just the same)

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                                  This will sound somewhat lame, but in the last 6 releases of Call of Duty, I've played just about only TDM. Very, very rarely have I played anything else.


                                  I recently started playing groundwar, which cycles through TDM, KC and DOM. At first I hated KC and DOM, but guess what, I think I'm starting to like them. I'm learning that you have to play each one differently. It's almost like having a new game.


                                  Hmmm. Maybe I'll try some other game types too!

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                                      Hey Lzjar! Just got back today to this thread! My PSN is: Shadow_Alquimist. Im not sure whats your or I would add you!




                                      Yes! Thats why I love GW: even if you get the same map 3 times in a row it can be very different depending if it is TDM, KC or Domination!

                                      I have no problem playing TDM (I even like it a lot because they are the games where I can really camp a bit and rest but most of my team of course that what they love is Domination!). Usually at the beginning some people dont like KC because you have to deal with 2 different objectives (kill and collect Tags) but usually everybody starts to enjoy it, sooner or later!


                                      Personally I think that Kill Confirmed is a really cool and complex mode, probably the best Activision did, but again: I love KC on GW (9vs9) but im not a fan of it on regular 6vs6: there it isnt as fast paced, there are much more killwhores, in GW they need to think faster cause there are 18 guys running around!

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                                        KC and DOM are very different games from TDM~!

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                                        I didn't like any game type in COD until Kill Confirmed. The objective of the game keeps people moving while every other team game pushes people to camp. I only play KC because it has the least amount of campers of any team game.

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                                          I love TDM lol. For some odd reason I have been ranking up pretty fast in HC TDM. But objective based games are fun.