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    Spawn Protection and OP pistols

      Treyarch, can you please put in spawn protection from scorestreaks? Also nerf the pistols such as the B23R, and Tac 45.

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          Spawn protection! I agree.

          OP pistols? nope

          It's more that they are over used than OP.

          I rarely get killed by a pistol.

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            Tac 45 doesnt need nerfing, its a 10 round semi auto.. if you're complaining about a regular pistol needing nerfing you obviously aren't very good at the game

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              Not sure if I agree about spawn protection from all damage, but I think it would be nice to have protection from some scorestreaks.  Hunter Killers, yes, Lightning Strike, yes, Hellstorm Missle, yes.  But for some of the odd ones, like the Death Machine or War Machine, no.


              Yes it always sucks to get spawn killed by a weapon, even if it's a Death Machine, or gods forbid you get spawn killed by an RC-XD.  But the spawn and then Lightning Strike death, that rankles me a bit more than the other.


              Got nothing to say on the pistols.  I tend to not carry them at all.

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                  So, just because the war machine and the death machine doesn't irk you as much there should be no spawn protection for them?




                  If you get killed by a streak when you spawn, you get killed by a streak when you spawn. End of story. That's not your fault.


                  MW3 had it right with their spawn protection system against streaks and explosives.


                  That should be brought back into the fold

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                      Sorry.  Not because they don't irk me as much.  Just the mechanics of it.  Both Death Machine and War Machines are guns.  They kill you with bullets.  They do not get lost after one death and can be used multiple times in the match.


                      As opposed to a scorestreak that is not a bullet based attack.


                      I don't know why I'm saying it, since I'm not a programmer or anything, but it seems like that would make a difference.  I'm pretty sure that just one bullet from the Death Machine doesn't kill you.  Two maybe.  Granted, the War Machine is pretty much a one hit kill device, but it still fires 'bullets'.


                      I played MW3 quite a bit.  I can't remember a spawn protection system there.  But then again, if it's in place there wouldn't be anything to notice or b!tch about.

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                    Spawn protection would be nice.  They have it at the beginning of a round so that you don't get killed by a grenade thrown across the map but it would be nice for killstreaks just so that you have a chance directly after spawning. 


                    The pistols, however, are fine.  A secondary should be able to get a kill and in skilled hands they should be able to get lots of kills.  Just like any other weapon they have their downsides to overcome.  They are not OP.

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                      Secondary weapons are ....wait for it.... SECONDARY WEAPONS!


                      They should secondary weapons over the primary weapons in the game.


                      Right now though, there are some secondary weapons that are much better than primaries.


                      For example the B23R is better than many guns in the game. That should never be the case. The B23R is better than a handful of assault rifles in the game


                      Go see Battlefield 3's implementation of secondary pistols as an example of secondaries done right.


                      I have no problems with strong pistols in a game - but make them primaries if they are goingt o be stronger than most "primaries" in the game.