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    Select Triangle/Back Y - Petition MODS DEVS LOOK

      I would like to start a petitionof sort to get the developers to remove this feature from zombies. It is fair and well in multiplayer but not in zombies. No one and i mean no wants to look at someone's profile mid zombie game.


      Many a time i have been playing zombies and pressed select/back to check kills and score and prssed triangle/Y by accident and i dont know about xbox but it freezes the ps3 for a good 5 - 10 seconds beofre it lets you cancel it, thus meaning you get mawled by zombies or even worse get killed by a denizen and cannot do anything about it. If you wish to message a person or look at their profile it would be 1 extra button and 1 second extra of your time doing it the regular way.


      There is no reason they cannot take this out and would help out alot of people, you could have played for hours apon hours have the best guns/perks in the game, be running through the fog at the end of a round to go to collect something or get a new area and you want to check your kills, you press select/back and then like me have a habit of YYing or triangling and now your console freezes for a good 5 secs letting a denizen on your head and kill because you cannot cancel it, now you have nothing but points but your not going to spawn with anything at maybe a high round and have no chance.like it removes


      Please if you would also if you would like it removed leaving a comment saying you would. I know theres going to be haters, dont just hate tell us why you would keep but i doubt their will be any good reasons.