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    Is the stereotype about the CoD community true?

      I was just wondering if the stereotype of CoD players being, 'slightly' homophobic was true.


      I feel like it is just that, a stereotype but I can't be sure. I'm a gay gamer myself and I love CoD it's just a generally enjoyable game, alone or with my friends. But there have been times when people have been hateful towards me, via mics in game or PM's over PSN.


      My old emblem was a gay pride flag you see, and my clan tag was set as 'LGBT'.
      But I wasn't sure if the other people not mentioning it were just accepting of it or to lazy to insult me


      So in short, my question is. Is the stereotype about CoD players being homophobic gay bashers true?

      Side not, I've now changed my emble to a puppy face and have only had messages saying it looks good/cute. :3

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