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    PS3/XBOX Accent sniping clan, ex-Synergy member RECRUITING OPEN

      I see there are many clans looking for members...
      But please read this

      We are Accent, a new sniping clan on PS3/XBOX, created by two friends.
      We have quite a reputation build up already in the last months.
      We love sniping and we also have some members who are already in the clan but who are working on some better skill!
      That's why we will accept almost ANYONE into the clan as long as they are fun people to hang around (online) and can meet normal standards.


      To attract some people, I will put the following in a bigger font. It is 100% true.

      Now some specifications;
      - We are from Belgium
      - We understand Dutch, German, French, English,... We will speak English though.
      - We accept anyone
      - We play all the COD games (MW, MW2, MW3, WaW, BO, BO2)
      - We are not your everyday MW2 trickshot clan or other games DropZone feeding clan.
      - CLAN LEADERS ARE CLAN LEADERS, even if you are a better player, this clan is about friendship and fun + pro sniping (but not as a requirement)


      Want to join?/ "Requirements"
      Send e-mail to; mutten55@gmail.com
      Include; PSN/GT + What your sniping style is (like epic feeding, or just like normal sniper, or trickshotter) + Language + other things you might want to add -> I will add your PSN and do a little tryout, but it's nothing more than a get-to-know and/or then we will check some clips you have.
      Editors/GFX: Always welcome and actually really needed for us to launch, also send an e-mail with a try-out video or logo.
      Requirements: Capturing your videos can come in handy, EasyCap is a 20€ gamecap You also have like Rovio or HD PVR, but they are higher in price. You can also use the MW3 BO and BO2 vault if your quality is not affected. (epic clips with low quality will be edited too)
      Very important ; We do not want people who are trying to feel better than someone else, you may be better than someone else in the clan, but Accent is about friendship, trying, and most important, having fun. We meet the standards and are good but don't go for more subscriber clans or talk trash.
      Also, there are no mandatory "always be online with party" things Just have fun and be a good guy/girl, fun to be around with.


      I think I just said about everything I needed to say, thank you for reading!