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    Advice and help for those looking for a Clan (not recruiting advert)

      Hi everyone, Im Miss_Reaper89 AKA Vicki.


      This is not an advert for any particular clan.


      If you are looking for a clan, you may come on the Activision Forums and be confused by the amount of ad's up for each one. It can be overwhelming and the majority of people just want to find a clan and carry on gaming.

      Is this a wise idea though?

      All players looking for a clan need to remember a few essentials before searching.

      You should have an idea of how committed you would like to be.

      This is very important because many clans will not be happy to recruit you and never see you again! However some don't see the neccessity in every member being online everynight. So if your only looking for some new mates to play with you should seek out 'casual' clans. By adding 'casual' to their ad's, they can't demand you to be on everytime they say. If however your the opposite, try looking for 'active'. 'Active' clans mean either they have a lot of members and from all over the world so there is always a few online every minute of the day, or it means there is few of them, playing frequently. If your looking for something in between, make sure to notify your clan leader or admin support of your idea's straightaway to avoid unsatisfaction later on.

      Think about the size, location and name.

      Clans can come in sizes very big, medium and small. Not to mention very small. On elite, you can find a clan based on size through searching the 'lightweight', 'middleweight' and 'heavyweight' groups of clans. You should note that the larger the clan, the more diverse it will be. It may take a while to get to know everyone, play with everyone and even get recognised. One clan didn't even notice their member had left until they played against him a month after! That's not to say though that every big clan will be disorganised, some may have very dedicated admin support, leaders and team-leaders. You can tell this by the first instance, if they take the time to address your name not just copy and paste an ad, thats a start. You may want to think if you'll be happy playing with someone you may not understand or comprehend. Some clans specialize in locations so communication won't be a problem. Although the majority of people speak either Mandarin or English, accents can still have an effect on you understanding them. Be sure to learn about the members if you can before joining, or look for a specific area if you are concerned.  The name of the clan is a huge give-away to how they may play, a clan involving the word 'hack' for instance or 'mods' will probably be cheating. A clan with the name 'stab' will obviously be very practised in using knives. etc, its a small detail to over-look but very important.


      If your concerned about playing with younger players or older players, you can search for 'mature' for older players in clans. Avoid this if your looking for younger members in a clan.

      Dont forget the platform!

      Its easily done, but don't forget to check the platform of the clan, some have sister-clans (clans that connect but are from different consoles or games) however most are catered for one particular game.


      When applying or looking for a clan, it helps not to be arrogant. Putting your psn name up and saying add me isn't the best impression. Remember your the one looking for a clan, however some clans seem keen to get as many members as possible, its still rude to expect them to do all the ground work when you want to be accepted. Expect to be under speculation when starting in a new clan, it's a very good thing for both parties. Take this opportunity to learn more about the clan and settle in. It's in place to make sure your right for them and they are right for you. Each clan has a different way for you to join, however most if not all should ask you to apply through Elite, as this is the only way your truly registered with them. Most clans have their own site and others use facebook or another social networking site. They may have Youtube accounts and an e-mail system, expect you to announce your name or rather you didn't share too much information. You need to ask when you apply, what exactly is expected of you and what they can offer you in return.


      Hope I've helped make things clearer for people looking for a clan.