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      If you use shotguns, you're bad. Period. Shotguns are for people who have no skill. It's beyond annyoing when I get killed from across an entire room in a single shot by the remington, and it's ridiculous to think that the KSG has even more range. Shotguns need to get nerfed.

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          or is it that your just bad for letting them kill you they still have to get pretty close with the Remington to get a ohk as for the ksg the the range is pretty stupid sometimes but you have to have a pretty good aim to get a ohk with it

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            you are making me understand that you are that troll/person who sucks at the game.



            they take WAY more skill than an SMG, wait? what? you say you dont need to aim? AHEM, your laser sight are way more OP, also with the shotguns you need to get close to the enemy, so you can kill them, the KSG having infinite range? yes, but, its a slug, not a buckshot spread, you need to be way accurate with the KSG to get kills.


            and no, im not a shotgunner, i use SMG's

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              Bringing up your Kill streak only tells me that this is a personal issue for you.

              I have no problems dealing with people that use shotguns.


              Only the KSG has a big range but you have to aim with it because it's not a spread shot.

              As for the remmington? The same as the spas in mw2. Nothing new.

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                shot guns are not easy to  do well with.. the maps are small, but being in a good position to be close enough to enemys is very difficult..


                im not a shotgun user... but i got bored last night and used the S12


                and i must say it was alot of fun.. and it was difficult to manage the map..


                i found using awareness helps out alot to get the jump on enemies..


                but anyway i dont understand the hate the shot guns get.. they are definitelly not like they were in MW3.. in close rage. they should be a 1 shot kill... ITS A SHOT GUN!

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                  Get good cry less.

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                      Nerf the shotguns? Are you kidding me? Shotguns in Blops 2 suck beyond the telling of it. I ran shotties in virtually every CoD game, got all gold in MW3 and thought they might be half-decent in Blops 2, but no. They're awful. They have zero range or are entirely inconsistent in their range characteristics and the KSG is just… dreadful. They're completely unforgiving, providing hit markers at close up as well as medium range.


                      If you use a shottie in this game and get consistent kills, I take my hat off to you. I binned them after a few tries. I'd rather run with a Tac .45.

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                      I use Shotguns, am I bad? because I consider myself to be above average. I have Diamond SMGs and a posi K/D.


                      I'll answer my own question, I'm not bad. Neither is anyone who uses shotguns. Have you tried taking out a full auto gun at range using a Remington? I've said it before, I'll say it again. Stay away from my 25 meter kill zone, and I'll let you kill me all day. Step inside, and you're mine.

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                          Yes the complainers are all AR/SMG noobs getting butt hurt their aimless spray didn't pay off like it should. They dont realize that to be truly successful with a shottie you need to be very fast with your ADS aiming and you also only have ONE chance before the pissing pays off for the other guy. Good shottie usage at med distance is much like quick scopeing actually. And that's very easy too right?

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                              If you know WTF you are doing anything is easy. IDK why some people cannot quickscope. I tried teaching my friend but he just can't seem to do it. Sure it doesn't always have a 100% success rate even when done properly but what does have a 100% success rate in this game?


                              Answer...nothing. I have even jumped over a hunter drone attacking me before and SURVIVED!!!

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                            Shotguns are fine, those who refuse to use them in CQC are bad, period.

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                              I use the shotgun all day. To counter those dang campers. I finally got them diamonds. Now I am working on the pistols.

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                                I see this issue as being one of two things.....one - the OP is playing hardcore. In HC, EVERY gun is essentially a one shot kill. Two - as a previous poster stated - the OP is running with the laser sight and long barrel on their SMG and getting destroyed by shotgunners.......I LOVE the shotguns - especially on maps like Hijacked, Slums, or even Standoff. Working on getting gold camo for the last one now and will have diamond camo for them

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                                  Shothuns need a different gamestyle than smg, ar, etc. You can't run across the map as with other weapons since you can't defend yourself on a distance. Sneaking around and being fast is what might be annoying to some... cqc

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                                      Over and above the "shotguns suck!/shotguns rule!" argument, given that this game is supposed to be all future-shiny wow-wow, why do the shotgun choices include a gun designed in the 1950s (870) and the KSG, introduced in 2011?


                                      Just sayin'.

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                                      ill just leave this here...LOL



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                                          nice video

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                                            As you saw, this guy did ADS on all kills despite laser on. He's probably so used to it slugging out on medium distance. These were all close kills though.


                                            I run with barrel and fast mag . If I can't take em out ADS, I accept the death


                                            I have a four kill on Yemen on my share were I take those guys out as fast as the Remington can pump, BTW. That was pretty golden. The previously killed guy hadn't finished his hilarious scream as the next one started yelling, whilst the gun went kaboom-kaboom-kaboom-kaboom. Its the most hilarious thing. I still laugh looking at it.

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                                                remington is a one shot kill up to 13 meters i think i heard in a vid on you tube. any way its got a horrific rate of fire so always keep a teammate 5ft in front of you and kill the shotgun wielded while he spends a week cycling his next shot lol

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                                                  Thanks dude, yeah shotguns are powerful..but OP? i dont think so.


                                                  I use long barrell and lazer so i can get max distance from hip and ADS but even with that its hard unless you get in their spawn. If you find youreself 1v1 in an open area its over.

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                                                      ADS + long barrel can make you survive. learn to ADS + aim fast and you'll have a chance in open spaces too. I use Shotty on all maps. I rarely go minus and I'm almost exclusively run n gunning, so its definitely possible.

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                                                    Not even a super kill, nothing impressive here.

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                                                    I just started using the shotguns and i'm having a great time with them.  I like to run with 2 primary guns with Type 25 and a shotgun, just trying now to get all gold.

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                                                      right..lets see your diamond shotgun cammo since its SOOOOOOOOOO EASY.

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                                                          Shotguns are a pain to use.  When they should have buffed the S12 and M1216, they nerfed the 870 wihich was the only one close to good enough.


                                                          Every shotgun requires a heavy investment of in the right attachments and perks to become anywhere near competitive with ARs and SMGs, while points spent on those weapons are entirely superfluous on top of already workable weapons.  I can do better with a naked AR, but I choose to play shotguns because it is fun and more challenging, not because they are easy in any way. 


                                                          Since getting diamond shotguns (and launchers) I've moved on to pistols, and people call me awful things for killing them with those too, including the executioner.  If you cry loudly about being killed with the worst gun in any game ever, then you need to quit FPS and find a new genre.  Executioner is another example of Threyarch having their heads up their asses on balance.  The speed loader should be default, as there is no reason in the world a 5 round 10 foot range gun should have the reload time of an LMG, and the dual wield (on all pistols, but most especially the executioner) should count as a single attachment not preventing secondary gunfighter.  Yes, I know they get free speedloader, but I'd rather use speedloader and laser than dual hipfiring those things.

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                                                          Complaining about shotgun kills within the distance of a ROOM?! Are you kidding me? That IS the kill zone of a shotgun, that is what it is SUPPOSED to do. If it was up to people like you it would have a melee range only. Shotguns are quite possibly the weakest class of guns in BO2. Just last night I fired 3 4 round bursts of the M1216 and got hitmarkers on each only, for the person to complete his reload and then kill me. S12 is just as abysmal. 870 is decent, but it's a pump! If you don't kill with that first shot you are probably dead. KSG + Lag Comp= completely inconsistent garbage. I wouldn't recommend using this gun as a primary unless you just want diamond camo. The connectivity issues alone make this gun so aggravating to use that it's not even funny. The reason you see people trying to shoot it longer ranges is because they would not be penalized so heavily if they miss and have to pump. Have you ever used ALL of the shotguns for an extended period of time?

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                                                            LOL. This made me laugh. "if you use shotguns you are bad. PERIOD." you can insert any gun class in there, that is, if you're a whiny little turd who just complains about getting killed by a certain gun type.  Aww, lost your score streak to a shotgun in a ROOM! Ha! Who would've thought that a shotguns range would extend to a room!?


                                                            Get over it, and yes, it does take skill to use shotguns effectively. Shotgunning DEMANDs a different kind of play style. I consider myself an above average shotgunner, and I can't tell you how many times I've seen an enemy out of shotgun range and in a split sec. Tuck tail and go another direction / flank/ find cover/ etc. just so I won't get gunned down with their AR smg lmg whatever. No other gun type demands that you do this. If I had any other type of gun, I'd just ADs and try to kill them then and there.


                                                            I've said it before and I'll say it again,  you need to get super close to kill someone with a shotty. Map knowledge and maneuvering is a must. If you let me get close enough to you to use my suppressed S12, HA, you deserve to get killed by it. That said, you're just another punk kid whining about getting killed by something you probably never tried yourself. Your combat record probably shows your top 5 guns as SMGs- am I right? Haha. Sad.

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                                                              Firstly, the Remington has been nerfed.  It was nerfed in the last update in December.


                                                              Secondly, you sound like you're talking about the frustration of a one hit kill from a shotgun (which is a bit harder to do after the nerf)...  So let's see.  Something else that has the potential for a one shot kill...  I know, a grenade!  You can kill someone from much further away with one 'shot' than you would even think about doing with a shotgun.


                                                              A Quick Note on Distances

                                                              This info is pulled from the Bradygames Strategy Guide (yes, I realize it's now out of date, but still).  The maps and other info have distances on them.  However, it doesn't say what the unit of measurement is.  I would think that it's in meters.  One square on a map is about the same size as a person, so about 3 feet square, which would make you think meters.  So, I'm going to be using meters as my unit of measure, but I can't verify that that's the case.


                                                              Let's take Hijacked for example.  When standing at the top of the stairs that are on either side of Domination C, you can throw a grenade and if you're lucky, you might get it to bounce or roll into the library or reading room that's across from Dom B.  That's 1,200 meters.  If you're 200 meters or closer to the explosion, you will take lethal damage.  (Max throwing range for a grenade is 1,200)


                                                              Now, let's look at the room that has a doorway facing Dom C directly.  It has the treadmills in it, and a little laundry room off to the side.  If you have your back against any wall in that room, a player on the opposite wall using a Remington has only just enough range to do lethal damage.  But if you stood in the doorway, and fired at someone in the room that's on the lowest step leading out of the room, you WOULD NOT HIT your target at all.


                                                              The Remington has the ability to get a one hit kill if the target is (roughly) 275m away.  It requires two shots (or more) to hit someone from 275m to 500m.  After 500m the ammo that your shotgun fired is no longer in play.  The ammo stops 500m from the gun.  It does NOT carry on forever until it hits something or goes off the map, as all the other guns do (AR, SMG, LMG, SR, or Pistol).


                                                              So yes, you can get a one hit kill with a Remington from across a 'normal' sized room.  As JSlayer211 mentioned, that's the way it's supposed to work.  But it's never a sure thing at all.


                                                              The suppressor knocks a one hit kill down to roughly 225m and 2 or more hits from 225m to 410m.  A long barrel increases it to 350m for 1 shot and 575m at the longest distance.


                                                              So if you're in said room, you probably will be able to get a OHK from the R870, since no one stands against the walls before shooting each other.  However, I can be outside of the room and easily toss a grenade in and get a one hit kill.  A frag grenade has a blast radius of 200m.  So you need to stay at least that far away from your target to make sure you don't get killed by your own grenade.


                                                              So the Remington forces you to get closer to your enemy, and most likely your death, but a grenade can do the same thing without placing you at risk (or at least lesser risk).  So grenades should be nerfed, right?  Technically, they're just about as good as the shotgun, which would mean that grenades are just about overpowered, right?


                                                              And if you think shotguns are too easy to use, I would invite you to watch me in a match using the Remington on Hijacked.  I assure you that my 7 kills to my 34 deaths would speak otherwise.  Or I could just suck, but at least I can enjoy the game while sucking.


                                                              One other quicky.  I have found when using the Remington that I am slowing myself down.  Don't sprint.  Take the time to aim, even if hip firing.  And WAIT until you know you're in range to get the kill.  Slowly but surely I'm getting better with it the more I think about what I'm doing, instead of just shooting the whole room up.

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                                                                Shotguns, in my opinion, really come down to the connection in that game. If the person with one has a good connection they will do pretty well on a small map. Our team got absolutely owned on Hijacked by some dude with the Remington. He went 50-17. I was dead before I could even lift my gun up. If the connection is bad then it might be tougher. I have used the KSG and it takes 3 shots from 5-15 feet away to even register a hit marker. I know it's a slug, but I'm ADS right at someones mid section or mid back. I do get a bit frustrated when I dump 5 or 6 rounds into a guy with an SMG that is running across the screen only to have him panic hip fire one time w/a shotgun to drop me or someone with a KSG dropping me from what seems like 70 feet away in 1 shot. It doesn't happen too often though so I don't worry about it.

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                                                                  Ok so my opinions of shottys are all based on using the right attachments and style of play.


                                                                  R870 - Most well rounded/ Run n Gun

                                                                  This gun can easly get 1 shot kills. I usually use long barrel and quickdraw(to get the distance           from your long barrel) or laser (panic hipfire kills). Lightweight, extreme cond and tac mask

                                                                  Getting High kill streaks with this is all about using windows,peeking corners, flanking ect. For example if you come across a room of 3 guys...do not rush in. just pop a shot, strafe to the side then strafe back pop a shot and repeat.

                                                                  S12 and M1216 - Play these like roulette. Big risk big reward

                                                                  These 2 are probably the most tricky to use. Silencer and Quickdraw is what i use usally along with ghost, flak jacket and tac mask. Being amoung the emeny with these weapons will get you tons of kills because both are most effective at super close range. silencer and ghost will help keep the emeny confused while you silently kill them while pounding through their bettys and shock chanrges thanks for tac mask and flak jacket. The risk is youll always be surrounded, but if you constantly move around the enemy spawn/side of the map they'll have a hard time following

                                                                  KSG - Camp/patrol

                                                                  With the KSG long barrel is a must and i usually pair it with reddot just so i can get those headshots.

                                                                  I say Camp/patrol because the KSG fires slugs instead of a larger spray.  the slugs  have to be real precise to get that 1 hit kill and that can be hard close range trying to turn on people. So i usually pick a spot on the map and chill. Ill use Plaza for example. Ill use savenger with bettys go up to luna bar and lay some bettys down and watch the doors. UAV and VSAT can be helpful with this too.


                                                                  ON THE OTHER HAND

                                                                  Defense againts shotguns is pretty easy. always take corners wide. use concusion nades and avoid smaller rooms.