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    Black ops 2. Completely messed up.

      Who ever thinks Blops 2 is a good game, should be shot. You have no idea what a good game is.


      The game is LITERALLY 90%-10% Luck-Skill. The only skill needed to play Blops 2 is the knowledge of how to move and shoot. everything else is luck.


      Treyarch really messed up now. instead of keeping the gaming style of "Darwanism" (like they did in every other COD) they decided to make it so that everyone can survive and technically there is no fittest. they make it so that everyone will have a good game once in a while by purposely increasing the lag compensation so the people with good internet will match the people with terrible walmart internet.


      Speaking for Treyarch... i know they wanted a different style game while still being call of duty. But C'mon... You dont have to change the whole engine style. get your heads out of your ass's stop sucking **** and fix the game so its actually good, like blops 1 and how mw2 used to be.