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    Pitching a tent....

      I was playing the other day...it was Core TDM on Raid. I was in sitting next to the vault door to the money room and started raking up kills. I got my guardian and set it up at the back door, soon after the sentry gun popped up and I set it at the door to the courtyard. I moved in the room from spot to spot taking out enemies as they tried to destroy my defences. Then I heard it... "K-9 unit in your AO". BANG I called em up and the kills just flew in. I ended up going 29-2 for the round.


      Once in the lobby I was assulted by curse words and the title "Camper". That crap makes me laugh. Isn't the goal to win? If my camping is such a problem then why do they keep feeding my kill count by piling bodies at the doorways? Why is taking and holding a room such a bad thing? I mean these D-bags were really pissed off. My kill count was higher than any of the headless chickens I was fighting. So why is my playstyle a problem?

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          1. Re: Pitching a tent....

          why do you care?


          Who won

          You owned

          the other team could not handle it...


          The bigger question is not "Did you camp or not?"... the question is "Was it the right play?"


          I think it was... bravo to you.


          (I never condone any play that does not help the team. Staring ADS at a random window is bad play most of the time.  Controlling a choke point is ALWAYS the right play. If people are coming through a pathway, should you run away or stand your ground and kill them... and risk being called a camper by a bunch of whiny babies?)

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            2. Re: Pitching a tent....

            There are a 1000 "they call me camper" threads around here.  Easy solution, ignore all that send you or say bad things about you.  That's what the mute all option is for.  I get hate mail often.  I ignore them all or usually say something like "Send me 60 dollars and I'll play the way you want me to".  Bottomline, you can't please everyone.

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              3. Re: Pitching a tent....

              happens to me all the time.. people think you have to runa nd gun all the time in order to "play the objective" which is not true

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                4. Re: Pitching a tent....

                It's not that I care. I was just wondering what people on this forum thought about that playstyle. Hell, I have a tent in my emblem, I camp on certain maps and run and gun on others. I just think it's odd how people cry when tthey lose to a camper, yet if one of their team members get the kill cam from a camping spot they are all on charge about it.


                I'm just looking for the opinion of the community, not that it will change my playstyle...I just want to know what to expect when i reach the lobby...

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                  5. Re: Pitching a tent....

                  Sounds like you did a good job.  It amazes me how many people don't run emp grenades.  I'm evermore taking out Gaurdians and Sentries right after they get set down.  Easy points but it's got to be frustrating to the guy that earned it.

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                    6. Re: Pitching a tent....

                    they will prob be nerfed in the next patch

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                      7. Re: Pitching a tent....

                      I think if you did a search on camper threads you would get your answer...


                      and not to insult or argue, butt he fact that you are "just wondering what people on this forum thought about that playstyle" means you do care (you just said it yourself).


                      Seriously... do not worry about what others think. Play your game.

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                        8. Re: Pitching a tent....

                        I was running a trophy system and scavenger so there were several up in the room. They tried to EMP my defences.

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                          9. Re: Pitching a tent....

                          Well I don't technically see that as camping.


                          You were holding down a stratigic point and using it's sightlines to your advantage.
                          That is a birlliant stratagy.


                          I only see camping as the Core point. 'Sitting in a corner and shooting people in the back' THAT is camping and is frowned upon (by me atleast)


                          That said, I was accused of being a camper before, becasue I kept getting kills on a free for all in a general area of the map. It's not camping if i keep chasing their stupid arse's there, because they were trying to get there to camp... :I


                          Another time some guy on amic was ******** about someone else camping, the other guy left after the match, then the guy complaining started properly camping...

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