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    Is League Play officially dead?

      Less than 1000 people were playing on it tonight.


      To quote David V - "League Play is going to re-invent the way people look at the Call of Duty franchise. Skill based matchmaking is incredible because it puts you with people on your own level which is really fun"


      Eat your words buddy.

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          Yes, it is Dead. I played a bunch in the 'pre season' but it made me mad that one day I got on and it just read "last season is over and didn't matter at all, next week is season 1". No emblem, no leaderboard no friggin nothing. All that time wasted and I had literally nothign to show for it. So yeah, never going to play league again. EVER.

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            Iv never played that before......Ive never really strayed away from TDM or KC. I really dont get the concept.

                 I mean, there are tons of different whiskys......but that doesnt change the fact that i go straight to JD......thats probably why Iv only ever just played TDM.....MW3 had KC, and its wasnt till 8 months into the game i started playing it..

                 Im here for one thing........kill people......how many modes does there have to be ?

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              Same LAG, SHlT MATCHMAKING; players leaving in game; - points for playing alone against 6 people; 10 fps games; NO REWORD not even a picture or post or something for good ending position...

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                Mathmaking is a joke. If I'm in platinum, I want ALL of my team mates and opponents to be in platinum.


                Otherwise: **** it.


                Plus, give me my platinum rank one emblem, ***** devs!

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                  It doesn't work. Period.


                  I got to rank platinum... and every time i search for a game it puts me on a team full of bronze or un-ranked players...  and every time i get over 2.0 k/d and 1st place on our team and we STILL lose because of people getting 5 kills 20 deaths etc...  


                  Oh and then.. if we do win i get 10 points.. but if we lose (even when it's not my fault..) then i lose 150 points...  What's the point of playing?


                  So i gave up on it.

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                    Imagine how much better the game would have been if the devs hadn't wasted so much time on creating league play... one can only wonder

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                        I dunno...League play is a great concept... in theory...


                        Anything can work well... in theory.  Hell communism is a great system... in theory.


                        Oops, I digress.




                        With nobody wanting to play it, it just does not work for those who do (just like JC480 said above)


                        It does prove something though:


                        COD is not for the competitive player anymore. Most people just want to pop the game in, and turn the brain off for a few hours and have a good time.


                        Maybe if there was some sort of tangible reward for competitive playing... hmm...

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                            Agreed. If it had it's own set of challenges and calling cards people would probably be a lot more inclined to play!

                            They would obviously need to resolve some of the fundamental problems that plague the game as well before anyone would take it too seriously.


                            Unfortunately it seems that Vahn only listens to and communicates with the 1% of competative players anyway!

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                              Very true me old matey, they are dropping COD from the ACL, SEACL programs.


                              KILLZONE3 "OPERATIONS mode" is what all the sponsors want now as well as all the fans that watch the competitions on the TV in the Southern Hemisphere

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                            I would expect that it might get an uptick in interest once people have finished leveling up their guns.  It will be something different to do.  Other than the alure of increased competition there really isn't anything in League Play to draw the average CoD player.

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                              I agree there is really nothing to draw you to it. For it to work as i think it was intended you would need to play with the same players over and over again and everyone would need mics. Hosting tournaments is one thing but what do people get for it. Put a trophy display case for me to acquire and show off accomplishments and rankings in game and you may get me a little more interested. As of now i have no measure of my accomplishments. I got to rank 17 in preseason once. Where did that put me in the community of millions of players. I didn't play for a week and dropped to 30.

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                                In my opinion the ranking system is S**T!


                                Lets look at the way it is set up:

                                • 5x Ranking matches
                                • Define what level player is
                                • Place in correct league
                                • Depending on players performance promote/relegate them during the 1 month season
                                • Rinse and repeat!


                                Lets look at how this should work

                                • 5x Ranking matches
                                • Define what level player is
                                • Place in correct league
                                • Depending on players performance promote/relegate them at the end of the 1 month season
                                • No need to repeat, player then earns his place at the best level he/she can!


                                Why on earth should we have to play placement games every month, surely the league system has already defined what level player you are. This in my opinion would work much better (just as fifa 13 seasons works).


                                I would also love to get into the league play with my clan but the way the team system works is also wrong. If I enter the league with 3 of my clan but then it turns out that one member isn't online but we still want to compete we have to re-do the ranking as a seperate team. It should allow you to enter all of your clan in your team but then play using only 4, think of it as using a substitute player like a football (soccer for you guys in the US) team would.


                                Finally there needs to be more rewards for playing in league play, there are many in public and this is another reason why people stay in public matches.

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                                  I dont think its ever been alive lol