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    Resetting ranks/levels issues are being investigated

      Hi, everyone:


      I know you must be as frustrated as I am due to the ongoing problems on Resetting of Rank/Level.   After speaking to technical support they said they were investigating the reset problems.  Also, I did address my concern for many of us who bought the Season Pass and they said HOPEFULLYthey will have it fixed by that time.  They gave me a case# and told me they will send an email when the issue is resolved. 


      I called the tech(1/2/2013)--he told me I was actually one of the first calls he received in reference to the reset issue for that day.   I told him that might be so but some of my friends as well as many players were posting on the Black Ops 2 forum in reference to reset issues.  He said it takes time in gathering all the different information, investigating, and than implementing a plan to address the issue.


      My advice to all of you--beside posting --CALL THEM--Let them know you too are experiencing --- Reset Rank/Level problems.  PHONE# 1-800-225-6588  Please note that I try a couple of times due to high volume calls and once I got connected I waited 1 hour.