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        40. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

        Does not work teh same with CoD the CoD engine is not set up like the BF eginine in how and where it stores the data for teh weapons. So they cannot just simplay add dlc weapons to this game on this current engine.


        The only time new weapons are added is to zombies through new maps.


        When BF adds weapons it is forced title update that everyone has to get and in most cases the new weapons are not for the same mp. In BFBC2 the veitname had new weapons but none of them could be used in the normal mp that came with the game, only in the veitnam expansion.


        BF3 and CoD are not the same nor do they use the same engine so what one can do is not the same as what the other can do and never has been.

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          41. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

          Then don't buy the season pass and just get the DLC seprate

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            42. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

            The photo of the in store stand holding the poster looked real to me.

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              43. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

              your optimisum is great but i want to see lots of you tube footage before i give these mongs at 3arc any more money, if this dlc is more shitty tiny maps filled with pap spawns and they have the same underwhelming lack of character the core maps do i'm done though

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                44. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

                This smg will only be in die rise zombie map

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                  45. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

                  Im gonna go out on a limb and suggest if it is for MP, it has been in the game since release and a simple update/or DLC update will unlock it. People have been asking for gun DLC for about 2 years, although I dont see the point in zombies only, as like I said before, there are all kinds of mindless guns in that mode, so adding one wouldnt be interesting.


                  I have to admit there is a funny thought here. That it is zombies only, but the hype for it being MP is so large that it backfires on them, and some guy named Jeff there catches wind that we expect it to be MP, and in turn takes it up the chain and somehow it becomes MP..


                  ah its friday

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                    46. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

                    personally I think the SMG is fake. I don't remember ever having a new weapon in DLC. Not saying they won't start now, but i just don't see it happening. Also, if you look closely at that picture, the angle of the words "Peacekeeper" are much different than the rest of the text near the bottom.


                    the DLC is real, weapon is not.

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                      47. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

                      People have wanted Gun DLC in a CoD game for some time now. But this is kind of a fake gun DLC even if it is for MP. The number of available guns in BO2 is abysmal by comparison to a title like MW3. Even if they add 1 gun per DLC to MP, it would still be less total guns. Gun DLC is only good to me if it adds something greater to the experience of the game, not adds parts of the game that should have been in from day one. Ex. Game A starts with 100 guns, Game B starts with 10 guns and ALL New GUN DLC 1 Gun x 4 DLC Packs! Which one has the higher replay value and better selection? I think the answer is obvious.

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                        48. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

                        It is a weapon on the drawing boards -




                        This is it in real life:




                        Stick some 2025 technology on it and that's it in BO2.

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                          49. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

                          This appears to be a rocket launcher, not a smg.

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