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    why does Grip do nothing?


      hi all this is fairly minor compared to the many problems we all get affected by on a game by game basis but the Grip attachment which i assume was meant to replicate Kick from MW3 as all these attachments replicate something that already exsisted, stock is one half of stalker for example.  any way the grip attachment literally does nothing, go see Driftor's video guide on youtube as he does the various tests etc but it strikes me as odd that we have an attachment that is a total waste of time.


      i tested it on my an94 and mp7 in a custom game and it litterally did nothing for recoil when compared to a the same gun without a grip??

      add this one to the list of bugs i guess lol


      has anyone else noticed any perks or attachments that clearly do nothing?


      flip side, laser sights are amazing, fitted one and tested it on an MTAR and it was kick ass, made a big difference to the weapons hip fire spread.  (not in a stupid oh really phil imagine it doing something way but in a wow that is a really tight grouping that is highly accurate kind of way)

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          Yes, is has been shown to do nothing to most guns.  There is a very slight improvement to one of the lmgs I believe and it atually makes the SCAR much worse.


          I have no idea why they would add an attachment that does nothing.



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            Yeah, Fore grip vs Laser is clearly bugged on just about every weapon if wall markers is anything to trust.


            Glitchy, buggy game. That's all.

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              i was little disappointed they left out the sway  of the gun when u ADS  for more than 2 seconds from MW3 , i thought it was a nice little addiction to keep people from camping with the left trigger held. .      They should have left that in   and made Grip  to nullify that.  

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                Maybe it is all in my head, but I notice a difference when I use it as opposed to when I don't. You can only really see the difference at long range. For example, while working on Art of War with my AN94 I ran with Grip, FMJ, and Stock. I tried without the grip at first, but the recoil was so severe that I was struggling at long range. I put the grip back on and I see the difference quite clearly.

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                  I havent used the LMGs enough to notice, but my friend says there is a huge difference at long distances between using the grips on the LMGs and not. All he uses.

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                    works well on the select fire weapons like the FAL, M8, and SWAT when you just hold down the trigger it starts kicking up. I also notice a difference in recoil with the scorpion and chicom. They are both vertical recoil patterns as well and the grip minimizes the up kick especially when you really get the chicom going with rapid fire and approach the fastest burst speed. Its mainly for distance

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                      Grip is a prime example of an attachment that does nothing. I don't really mind that as it means less to choose from but if it did work properly it would be one of my first choices.


                      I saw a video with strange results showing that the MP7 with Grip AND Stock had no recoil at all. So some combos make other attachments work better? It definitely seems to work on the Skorpion anyway but then it is probably more noticable as the recoil is so fierce.


                      The only other attachment that doesnt seem to do anything (for me anyway) is using Long Barrel on any SMGs. I thought I'd use it cunningly to get AR range from an SMG but it didn't make any difference.


                      Also FMJ seems to have very little use to me at the moment because it is only certain walls that it seems to work through. Walls that look weak are like nuclear bunkers and walls that look like they are solid end up like cardboard with FMJ. Makes no sense so I don't waste a slot on it.

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                          I have to disagree with most of this. What I have found in this game is that it isn't so much the attachment, its finding the right combination of attachments and perks to see what works for you.


                          I have FMJ on several weapons,for example, and I find it to be very helpful in most situations.


                          I think that is the challenge in this game. You can't just slap a perk or attachment on a class and expect it to do work miracles, but if you find the right combination that works for you it is golden.


                          These are my experiences, at least. I experiment with different setups and find what works with my playstyle and class setup.