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    Dear Treyarch and Community suffering to 'lag comp':

      I haven't played BO2 in almost 2 weeks due to the unplayable form it is in for me personally, and from reading the forums and talking to friends (local and non), many other people are in the same boat. Many people have brought this up in these forums, other forums, have uploaded videos, have discussed it among their friends, and unfortunetly many (possibly the vast majority) have not voiced their experiences as they do not get onto forums and simply resell their copy or continue to suffer thinking it's normal.


      There's an obvoius problem with the 'lag comp' or whatever it is. I am not educated in the field enough to know if it's just simply lag, lag comp, etc. so I will not rant as I know what the issue is, because I don't but I do know and realize there is an issue. Whether it's due to said lag, or the inclusion of Elite or Theater Mode and the recording of games I do not know. What I do know is, this issue was not an issue for me in previous COD iterations pre-Black Ops and never heard any issues from friends neither. I will list what I personally experience and from what others have described:


      1. Many people, including myself, and this has also been proven to be an issue in dozens of videos where players can be 'behind' other players. In some extreme cases, this can be up to 5 seconds from what they are actually seeing on their screen. Players typically describe this as "Not seeing what shows up on the Kill-Cam" or suddenly dying in a narrow corrider then the Kill-Cam showing someone was running towards them the entire time.


          • This can happen whether you have full green bars or not. Even the entire lobby can have full green bars.
          • It doesn't seem to affect just host either, however, it seems to affect them the most.
          • The players with yellow bars are typically the ones who appear to be the most 'ahead' of everyone.

          2.  Spawn Kills

          • In a preview of the game, you guys showed some MP gameplay in a stream with IGN. You stated that their was a new system where the spawning system would be under close supervision and that if people were dying within 3 seconds of spawning, with your system you would be able to make quick hotfixes to adjust accordingly. Not sure about everyone else, but I die within 3 seconds several times pretty much every single game. And I have not heard of any hotfixes since launch, this seems to simply be an empty promise or an outright lie.


      Now I can handle the game having issues, this is completely fine and understandable. What I cannot handle nor accept is Treyarch hasn't even aknowledged there is an issue. There is many problems with that in of itself, as it shows arrogance, poor customer service or lack of, inexperience in their field, and most importantly...ignorance. To me, it's like proving the World is not flat with overwhelming evidence and they're still denying of any possibility that World is anything but flat. I'll give some personal examples along with some videos showing proof of the 'connection issues':



      Treyarch, or members of their team, have dismissed what we've been saying, simply stating "When we play, we see no issues." which is foolish beyond belief for obvious reasons. I also read where players who were really good in previous COD's say things like:

      • "For some reason I'm terrible in BLOPS2, when I use to have 2.0+k/d"
      • "I'm usually good at FPS, but I suck at this game"


      I also read the complete oppossite:

      • "I'm usually terrible at COD, but I'm a beast at this one!"
      • "I had a -1.0k/d at other CODs, but this one I'm over 2.0!"


      Treyarch has even said that it's a problem on our side (IE. opening ports, router issues, internet issues, etc.) and some members of the community have even said the same things. Logically, this doesn't make sense for a few reasons:

        1. I've, as others, have never had these issues with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, or any other online games. Literally no other game(s).
        2. Most people, myself included, have open NATs or even run in their PS3 in DMZ.


      There's also a lot of posts about people quitting, I have personally never seen as many rage quitters in any other game than in this one, especially specifically in the COD series. Most people don't mind losing when it's fair, as myself, but many people are eager to quit when they see an unfair advantage. This is just pointing out the differences in player behavior vs past COD's that something is different and off.


      "The Dark Side":


      Another thing that doesn't make sense logically according to Treyarch and some players, that it's our problem or one simply does not exist, etc. is that I've been on the other side. Where I'm ahead of everyone else and simply demolish the entire team, even when the game before with the same exact players and the same exact teams I got demolished. Most games I usually die the second I see someone and don't even see my screen get red from damage...I just die. In the games I am 'ahead' they spray everywhere around me and when I do get hit, it gets red from damage very, very slowly.




      The odd thing here, is the majority of the best players or top players of the game, you know the ones that go 50+ kills and a handful of deaths almost always have a yellow bar connection. When I am on the "Dark Side" and go 'beast mode', guess what? I also have a yellow bar connection. This of course could be a coincedence, but with my experience the proof is just overwhelming that this is unlikely and that how good you do is not because of your skill level rather than the connection you have.


      In Closing:


      I had several months logged in to COD4, as well as MW2, and actually played MW1 professionally for a couple of months, I also played BLOPS2 for over 5 days of logged in time, am prestige 10 (if I remember correctly), and like driving the same car for years when something is wrong with it, you don't need to be a mechanic to understand 'something is wrong' yet the mechanic here is telling us that nothing is wrong, even when proof is thrown on the table.

      I had no issues the first couple of days personally, had a well over 2.0 k/d, then roughly 90% of every game from then on I am, what I calculate, anywhere between 3-5secs behind everyone else on the other team with the exception of one to three players. The problem here, is most players "Spray 'N Pray" in this iteration, so I cannot even live long enough to make it them to kill them. Again, the problems themselves aren't what bothers me, it's the ignorance of denying that there's any possiblity that they do exist is what bothers me.

      And now the DLC has been "leaked" and due out the end of this month, it infuriates me and shows without a doubt what this company is about that has already been thought by thousands of other people already.

      Don't give excuses "But, my friends play and I want to play games with them...", educate your friends on their business practices, or simply find another game to play with them, talk them out of it, etc. As a "Senior" gamer, it hurts me what video game business practices have come to, but this is simply unexcusable. You guys have the power to fix this, band together, get refunds, sign petitions, take legal matter if you can or want. The voices of many in a united form can accomplish anything.

      Just remember, the DLC for this game is done, and they're working on the next DLC probably as I type this instead of fixing the state of the MP that so many of us are having issues with. I know, myself, I will be getting a refund and will never purchase another game from this company under these circumstances. And no, I have not bought every COD, I never bought WaW, BLOPS, or MW3 (Even though I played them).


      PS. If you say there isn't a problem, then I invite you to my personal home to play on my set up and challenge you to play as good as you do on whatever set up you play on. And I'll bet anything, that you'll do horrible due to whatever issue that is infecting the game. My PS3 is hardwired, my NAT is open, I have 20mbs/down 7mbs/up and again, have never ever had these issues with any other game and almost always have full green bars.


      Thank you for your time,


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          TheGreat_One wrote:


          PS. If you say there isn't a problem, then I invite you to my personal home to play on my set up and challenge you to play as good as you do on whatever set up you play on. And I'll bet anything, that you'll do horrible due to whatever issue that is infecting the game. My PS3 is hardwired, my NAT is open, I have 20mbs/down 7mbs/up and again, have never ever had these issues with any other game and almost always have full green bars.


          Thank you for your time,


          Bit long but a good post, look its hard for us (users) to determine why latency / connectivity has suffered a back step from the other series, naturally we would assume they had "figured" it out. But that's not the case, in BO I suffered more freezing issues / disconnections and all that was fixed.


          In BO2 I am suffering from constant skipping, paused player movements, random things frozen mid air syndrome.


          The dev's do not really explain why, and we all assume different scenarios.


          We can really only hope that the patches they create will help, if not this series will pay the ultimate price in future sales. 


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            Your's has to be one of the most well put together posts on general connectivity issues that I've ever read.  I tip my hat to you sir.  I fear, however, that the games popularity may be the source of many of the lag issues that we all experience.  I'm sure that you have noticed an increase in laggy games since Christmas.  I know that I have.  Maybe there is something that the devs can do within the software (or even within the hardware) to resolve this.  I certainly hope that they can but I would imagine it to be quite difficult to resolve lag completely given that each individual and ISP provider have their own network issues occurring in conjunction with whatever issues the game itself may have.  Trying to find that sweet spot which masks these issues in a significant enough way to provide us with a smoother gameplay may prove more difficult than any of us have suspected.  But knowing a thing or two about business, I would think that the devs are well aware of the enevitable consequences of failure.  No one wants to play behind a few seconds and CoD as it has stood for the last two titles is just begging for one comparable game to come along without the lag issues to knock it off of it's perch.  At the moment, they have the good fortune of the comparable titles having similar issues but if ever someone cracks the code on this lag problem then we will have a new favorite FPS to play.  I know if I were them, I would be putting a good bit of time and resources into lag minimization.

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                I've only played a couple games in the past couple of weeks, most of the issues I had happened a couple of days post-launch when less people were actually playing. Thank you for the tip of the hat. COD has always been very popular and I've experienced the typical launch lag issues before with past series but inbetween it 'feeling' different this time around and Treyarch ignorantly dismissing any issues makes me think it's more than just lag.


                I'm sure there is something the devs can do but like I said, they're so quick to dismiss anything brought or shown to them that I can't help but to feel like they won't investigate or do anything about it at all as if they actually believe there is no issue or they knew of the issue and simply can't do anything about it.


                Like I said in the OP I don't know enough to know exactly what the issue is, but I know this wasn't an issue with the original IW and the only thing that has obviously changed is the Elite integration and Theater.

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                It's important to note that Lag Comp is reactive to lag. The worse lag is the less effective Lag Comp will be. Once lag hits a certain ping Lag Comp fails and does more harm than good. While it might seem that Lag Comp is problem it's lag in and of itself that is the issue. Defeat excessive lag and Lag Compensation won't be an issue anymore

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                    And this leads to how any sort of "<weapon> is OP!/too weak!" discussion is completely pointless ever since post CoD4.


                    With so much lag and lag compensation, weapons and other things can APPEAR OP by killing you "instantly" and/or from ridiculous distances (like the R870) while weapons in your own hands feel "weak" and enemies "never die", but it's more than likely due to lag/lag compensation making you fall behind the enemy/putting the enemy ahead of you.


                    One of the first things they need to do to keep the CoD franchise going is to replace the game engine entirely. Regardless of any minor tweaks and updates made to it, it doesn't change the fact that it's a 9 year old engine that is completely out of date with things now being used like the Frostbyte 2 and such, thus when they in more options, try to increase graphics, and so on, it only puts more and more stress on an engine that's already at its limit, greatly increasing the amount of lag.


                    It's like any computer; it's great when it's new, but as you keep saving more programs/images/games/etc in it that take up more and more memory, then it causes the computing process to slow because it has to keep up and keep track of all of that stuff, especially if try to run a bunch of the programs at once.

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                    Very constructive thread.


                    I would like to add. They will have DLC ready to go, all the while they drop a patch before or with it. They will disguise network performance enhancements within a jumble of other "fixes". It will be their attempt to say... "We've made improvements to connectivity and matchmaking... See you can trust us and spend more money".

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                           Holy crap. No one has ever hit such a dead-on connectivity likeness issue of my own in any thread posted possibly ever. I want to start off saying that, and I thank you for posting such a topic which I would have done on my own yet have not, due to laziness/failure to believe it would make a difference.


                           Being that I have these latency issues (although I understand about as much as you say you do) I normally play Zombies. If I ever play multiplayer, it is combat training so that I do no ruin my win loss (7.8something, thanks to playing in parties with my clan who apparently have no such connection issues).


                           Unlike you, however, I have purchased all previous CoD titles with the exception of Cod3, and played all including and following CoD4 online with NO, I say again, NO NO NO issues concerning internet connection and faulty kill-cams. I did have problems with MW3 in the first few months where I would die (say in a hallway) while I was sprinting down a hallway and die without warning. Watching the kill-cam, apparently someone was entering that very same hallway at the very same time. Glad to know it was fixed when I started to play it again.


                           Then we have Blops2. What an understatement  when someone mentions being behind everyone else in the game. Every detail, minor (Spawn kills, which doesn't seem to affect me as much) to major (dying before my screen turns red, or seeing that in a kill-cam the attacker which is being fired upon by my weapon has recieved little, if any damage).


                           I'm not going to post a wall of text, as you hit every single cringe-worthy detail spot-on and I can regretfully relate to them all, but I will say I thank you so much for posting this. NO ONE I play with believes me, even though I've played with the same people since Blops1 release, and almost never go negative (do when we need it for a win against a good party) and win games when we play each other on previous CoD titles. They think I just suddenly suck.


                           Thanks again, man.

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                        Without the developers acknowledging connectivity issues there can be little optimism from the customers that they can fix or are even working on the problem. Activision Support fields hundreds of questions and complaints weekly on the subject so acknowledgement is really a foregone conclusion.

                        I believe lag compensation settings are manipulated at the games release to be optimized for bad connections in order to increase the market. Gradual adjustment allow metered success to one connection while not alienating an already successfull one.

                        I expect a TU early next week, the new code will primarily address hacking issues. Included will be a slight adjustment to lag compensation. If MW3 is used as a gauge of the timeframe BO2 will take for my connection to be corrected, I've 9 more months to wait. With the PS4 release expected in October of this year, I'd get to enjoy BO2 for 1 month. Rather, I've decided to sell my PS3 before the new release devalues it entirely. Sony and Activision have enjoyed my patronage for the last decade... over.   

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                          They don't care.  They implemented the same lag comp system as IW did with MW3 knowing damn well what would happen.  The last true connection based game was MW2.  Black Ops was okay with connection but that was the beginning of the lag comp BS.  Earlier I was on a team getting pummeled by semi-xmas noobs.  They were all 3 bars and my team were 4 bars yet we were getting destroyed.  I looked at their k/ds and **** afterwards and they were all garbage and everyone on my team were 1.5 and over.  This game caters to the weaker side.  I don't care what anyone says.  I've seen it way too much. 

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                            Business is business... If they can package and sell crap they will. Don't expect any action on lag or cheaters while millions continue to buy their games and dlcs.

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                                Well i will better off because im not buying the DLC....this game is shyt..........MW3 had lag comp problems.....i.e i could never stad anybody first.....l but fire fights were fair and i did well same with black ops 1............. But this has to be the worst pile of monkeys turd ive had to put up with........are you listening clearly not ffs fix the lag comp NOW.

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                                In regards to "yellow bar" players usually ending up at the top of their respective teams, absolutely true. As I've said before, any observant individual with an ounce of intellectual honesty knows this to be true.

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                                  Crap internet crap ping you are king.......Full Stop....

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                                    Great thread. +1 on everything you wrote. sums it all up for me. Congrats on creating a complaint like it should. i know i've been guilty of coming on the forums, freshly killed thanks to their Network code and just ranted without anything informative just taking out my fustrations. I really do hope they change this eventually. i honestly play this game once every 2 weeks for an hour to see if anything has changed. To think after all this time and still no communication from treyarch other then their twitter monkey saying theres no problem. I hope they do realize and man up and fix this. Anyways cheers again on making a great post.

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                                        I've just been making Custom Games and playing solely with bots because bots don't get massive lag compensation, but can still play comparably to (or even better than most) humans online, so deaths I incur against the bots are actually FAIR deaths while the kills I get are ACTUAL kills. It also gives me a chance to actually enjoy earning higher Scorestreaks that I never even dreamt of trying to get online. Hell, it's tricky enough JUST getting some of the lower tier Scorestreaks due to the lag compensation.


                                        Out of 20+ games I actually join, I'll only get 1 or 2 games where connection actually feels balanced and I go 17+ kills with 0-5 deaths (varying Assists) as opposed to lag compensated-filled games where I can barely hit 7-10 kills.

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                                        You are completely correct. This game is how you would say... broken. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good ideas implemented into this game, but the gameplay as a whole just sucks. The game freezes every 5 seconds in the menu on the PS3. I get disconnected 5 out of every 10 games or so. On MW3 I got disconnected maybe once out of every 100 or so matches. My NAT jumps from Open to Moderate to Strict on this game but is always Open on any other game.

                                        Pro tip to beat lag-compensation : Lag your internet until you get a 3 bar. The reason you want to do this is because the game will say "Player 1 has some latency, let's bump him up" so the game will push most of the other people behind, when in reality your are barely lagging. Getting a two bar will just make you suffer and a 4 bar will do nothing to help. I found this out by watching a youtube video and playing. I didn't actually watch the video, I just let it load. I destroyed that match. The next match I tried it again and did very well. Then I stopped the video and what do you know, I was being put 2-3 seconds behind as usual.

                                        When you posted about the DLC, most if not all the DLC is already finished, it was probably finished before the game even came out.

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                                          This game has been a miserable experience for me for all the reasons you stated.  When I'm not lagging I do ok. I'm not the best player but average, but when lag hits I feel like the crappiest player online.  What makes it even worst is when your team berates you for having a crappy game due to lag.

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                                            Well said and explains perfectly why I quit playing this game a month ago. Only reason I came on here was to see if maybe something had been said but looks like the devs are being mute as possible.  They rarely ever post on twitter anymore too.  Oh well alot more games out there worth my time.

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                                              I'm glad I found this forum, I thought I was the only one having issues!


                                              I have gone through and done everything listed to improve connection speed, to no avail. Heck, I now have a "small business" internet connection at my house to try to improve things, even upgraded my TV, but I still lag horribly! And it seems to be getting worse...


                                              My PC is ridiculously fast online now, even other PS3 games improved. But BO2 still lags like an old woman climbing Everest. Frustrating doesn't even begin to do my feelings justice, especially being out almost $2k after all the upgrades.


                                              I used to use just a crossbow and knife (not ballistic knife), and did very well. But now I shoot through people more often than I hit them! My 80% accuracy has dipped to just over 60%, and I'll never get a Bllodthirsty medal with it now!!! Not when the first 2 arrows shoot through the target!


                                              The tac knife with the pistol is the same way. I can't count the times I've snuck up on a camper or sniper and stabbed them repeatedly, only to have them turn around and stab or shoot me!


                                              And then there is the loss of audio, the freezing, losing the green names above teammates, getting green names above enemies, horrible mechanics of almost every weapon (submachine guns do not have stellar accuracy at full cyclic rate at long range, etc...)


                                              I hate to say it, but this is the first game that has made me snap. I twisted a new controller into a knot after 6 straight games of horrendous lag, and I'm usually a very calm gamer, as it is just a game. But lagging when you know your connection is better then 95% of anyone playing is annoying at best, and it does get to me after a bit.


                                              I even switched to the "best connection" preference. Now it just takes longer to find a game, nothing improved, though it may have got worse.

                                              In my opinion, if your connection sucks, too friggin bad! I shouldn't have to lag behind you to "even the score" because you have a suck connection.


                                              I know Treyarch (or whoever) has the money and ability to remedy this. They just don't care. This is the last COD I will ever own. Period.

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                                                If you want to enjoy the game with some costancy, you will need to have A an average net / ping or B have a router with advanced QoS options to cap your up and download speed. You have too good a net to play the game without getting screwed unless they pick a great host while you’re playing locally which simply doesn’t happen constantly on “best.”


                                                Set your upload limit cap to 300 to 400 max and download to 700-900 something. This will decrease your ping. You can go lower depening on how low you want your ping / in game bar. You will need to cap both up and down this drastically to get a lower / average ping. With the above setting you will keep a 4 bar (well I did), but it will be a normal 4 bar aka “Stealth 3 bar,” also you will avoid hosting, which is inconstant in this game all-round thus a good thing to avoid imo.


                                                You can get a new router with advanced QoS options for 25 bucks or less even, just start asking / looking around while shopping.


                                                Then use open ports. This game needs very little up and down to run effectively as a client player. It all comes down to ping (next to who they pick host and matchmaking).

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                                                    Thanks for the advice. My router (I believe) has the capability you speak of. I'm a bit ignorant to many of the technical aspects of cennection speed, etc. I went by what I thought was good logic, improve my connection and I won't lag anymore. But then I learned of the "lag comp" being built into the game, so I basically wasted a bunch of time and money when my connection was likely too good before the upgrades!


                                                    I'm about fed up with Black Ops 2 at this point anyway. It's the first game to ever make me truly angry (twisted a PS3 controller into a knot), and honestly, I play for fun. Getting that frustrated definitely isn't fun for me.


                                                    I'll try what you suggest first. But if things don't improve, I'm going to stand outside Game Stop and give it to the first kid I see looking to buy the game. Maybe he'll have better luck than I have...

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                                                    The way the spawns are it spawns you at random by a friendly player. If it cant respawn you by a friendly player then it spawns you where you spawned to start the game. The lag is due to it choosing a poor host. If they had dedicated servers then this issue would not happen.

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                                                      I would say that I am competing on about par as to what I did in MW3, but I am definitely experience issues like the ones you describe. I have great games, when people die in the amount of rounds they should. I can get 3-4 kills from a single SMG clip if they are huddled close together. Then I have games where I can only kill 1-2 people a clip, and I do alright. Then there are games where it takes an entire clip to kill a single person, if I am lucky, and I'll go 0 and 35 or something. Treyarch needs to play around with the connectivity coding and see where the problem is and fix it.

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                                                        Quite frankly the lag compensation ruins this game totally. If people with literally the best civilian internet connections you can buy are complaining about lag it's absolutely not a problem on our side. They clearly instituted the monstrous lag compensation so the masses who have regular or poor internet connections would perform better and be more apt to purchase from them. The problem with that is it turns every single hardcore gamer with great internet connections away. I don't enjoy playing this game at all in it's current state which is a shame because is COULD be a good game.

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                                                          Right on the money! Thanks for saying what NEEDS to be said! If they don't correct the problem this will be the LAST $60 that tens of thousands of players will stop paying. I'd rather donate my money to free 2 play games like Planetside 2 and Blacklight Retribution etc...

                                                          Also, the latest patch states that matchmaker will not return games (players) from other continents if search preferences are set to best. This is bullshit as I JUST came from a game that had 2 Cuban players , 2 VNZa caln tags, 2 BR clan tags, and one British player. It was filled with laggy stutter stepping players. I didn't even spawn in....and quit.

                                                          I will pull the plug on everybody if I am host while rage quitting. Oh yeah I'm THAT guy! FIX THE F@LK*ING GAME!!!!

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                                                            I don't believe it is lag compensation, it is hit detection handicapping.  Reference an experiment my friend and I conducted.




                                                            Games were played to 30 kills, no bonus points.  One of us would be on a tear, pulling ahead by a number of kills and suddenly would not be able to kill anyone and would start spawning directly in front of enemy players 2-3 times in a row.  As soon as the kill counts, regardless of the number of deaths, were very close equal it was back to normal play again.  The telling stat is that overall my KDR was a 2.9 vs my friends 1.8


                                                            Again, this is not a lag compensation issue, it is a handicapping system built into the mechanics of the game to keep all players on a level playing field regardless of their abilities.

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                                                              Don't forget the issue with the camera. I like to get involved in sniping matches especially on Standoff and Meltdown when there is another sniper on the other team. Every now again I will be slowly moving to the window as I know there is another sniper at the oppsoite window when bang I'm dead before I get to the window. At fist I think 'FMJ' he knows I'm coming but when I look at the killcam my head is actually in the window when from camera angle I have not reacched the window!!!


                                                              So many things broken in this game. Anyone who thinks this games is better than MW3 needs to list the problems between the 2 and realise there are multiple problems with this game. I couldn't even get on to Theatre yesterday and today the leaderboards. Chuck in Lag, freezing, host migrations, random helicopter nioses, people who can't even get online and more WTF moments than you can shake a stick at.


                                                              My personal view is thay cant fix it. The servers cant cope when there are over 600k online, they know that and won't fix it due to the new next gen consoles coming out later in the year.


                                                              If you are not suffering then it's not a bad game and I hope the new pick 10 system appears on the next IW game, but for those of us who are it's a shocking game.

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                                                                Im very sad about the fact of the business had overwhelmed the will to do a great job and a great game.

                                                                Now we have one CoD a year, they dont need to fix the problems to more people buy the game and say good things about it, and the game be sold because its GOOD.

                                                                They sell every year because its COD, and next year the consumers will have another COD, so its fine to sell a unfinished product.

                                                                IMHO, BO2 is a great game, very beautiful details, one of the best gun and perks balance. It has a very nice visual touch too, a bit better than mw3, wich was a great great fps. But these things discussed on this great thread are ruining all the good part, and making bo2 a average fps, eons behind infinity ward`s COD.

                                                                If nothing will be done by 3arc, I am sure a lot of people will not buy next about, at least the next 3arc COD.


                                                                Sorry about my english =)



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                                                                  I also forgot to mention that hip firing is way more accurate that ADS which usualy aims you to the right of the other guy. Watch in how many game ending kill cams you see the guy losing the fight aiming to the right. This is because he is where he's shooting but due to lag he's actually nolt there and ends up getting owned.


                                                                  Also I cant party up for 2 reasons:-


                                                                  1) Out of my 40 friend only 3 are still playing.


                                                                  2) When I do party up the lag is 10 x worse.



                                                                  Treyarch - What have you done?

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                                                                    I did just a custom game with the clan for the fun. Lag comp in a custom game ? We are all from the same country ( Belgium ) 9 ms ping and still lag comp. But yeah , i know when i die , always close by me vsat.  Even if i camp a bit for deffending the flag , i die. I'm hitted now PM and it's a mirakel that i hit it. Not because i'm bad , but it taked me more then 250 houres , all because i quited games ( already loosing , lag comp , lag ) Maybe time to quite the game , thinking about it. Well but my question is , on xbox i don't see much complaining , but on youtube they have the same issues as we do. But  it seems to be that they got much better matches then we have. A friend changed from ps3 to xbox and his stat are better then what i have. On ps3 he couldn't get a spm of 250 , now he has 350. We will see in the future i guess. What i know is , if treyarch made the next black ops or MW i don't buy it. So much promotion for the game and we got more troubles then a beta game. My opionion offcourse ,

                                                                    have a nice day all. 


                                                                    Greetings from Belgium

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                                                                      toook the words out of my mouth...FIX THIS TREYARCH...ACTIVISION....THE POWERS TO BE

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                                                                          I currently own both xbox and ps3 and the lag is not as bad on xbox.  The only time I lag on xbox is during multiplayer online.  But that is usually a lag switch being used.  Also the glitchers and modders on ps3 seem to be more than on xbox.  Microsoft has its downfall but the one thing most gamers and microsoft have in common is no cheaters.  If caught cheating on xbox they ban youir system not your account like ps3 so the system that has been modded is still able to play online.  so all you have to do on ps3 is create a new account and back online.  You would have to buy a new xbox and new gamertag if caught on xbox.

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                                                                          Very well put, the issue has been talked about on this forum countless times but this is a well thought out and explained version of what the average person experiences when playing. To the best of my knowledge the issue has never been fully addressed and would like to be vindicated on the issue. Hopefully somebody on this forum with some voice to the ear of Treyarch will explain to them that we like their game but this needs to be fixed.

                                                                          • Re: Dear Treyarch and Community suffering to 'lag comp':

                                                                            I believe there is an issue in the coding.


                                                                            I play both Xbox and PS3. Both are connected through ethernet cable to my router, which is connected to my modem on my 50/10 Comcast connection. Xbox is much less laggy.


                                                                            I live in Michigan and unless the rest of the country's population are UofM fans, I play with people in Michigan and the surrounding states. I mostly see these people on the xbox, whereas on the PS3, I get people from California.


                                                                            Overall, I find the xbox much more pleasureable to play on when it comes to this game. Unfortunately for my xbox, I will forever love my PS3 and its games.

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                                                                              the best example to try to see how far behind the enemy you are is go prone or crouch and when the enemy comes round the corner and then kill you just look and see what happens according to there screen i wasnt even crouching or prone just about to and im like wtf i was clearly crouching or another one you shoot first you die yet when you look on there side you never lifted your gun no wonder i can only kill them from behind mw3 was no better either they need to remove this bullshit what they've implemented into these last three games or it trully will kill the franchise

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                                                                                Ive followed and played all the cod games and this game clearly still 5months on still has massive major problems, it is clearly seen with the huge amount that quit and jump out of games. No one is asking for the game to be perfect, yeah a little frame rate issues or the odd skip and jump now and then i can cope with.......But it pains me to see how far behind the real on screen action i really am.... I consider myself a competent player with quick reactions but to fairly win a one on one is no longer possible.....  Treyarch the ball is in your court now do the right thing. Would love to buy the DLC maps as i have done with most of the other cod games i own.... This is the first time I've thought no enough is enough...... There is still time to redeem yourself from this online shambles of a MP game.

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                                                                                  Such a great post, it explains a lot of what happens to me, IW came out and said that Lag comp was a test they put in MW3 which turned out to be a bad idea because it doesn't work, so why 3ARC put it in BO2 is beyond me.


                                                                                  And when they say that there isn't a problem that just irritates me more, as there clearly is problems with the game.

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                                                                                    I Tweeted A Link Of This Post To Vonderhaar. Every Decent PlEa To Fix This Game Posted Kn These Forums I TryTo Send To him

                                                                                    • Re: Dear Treyarch and Community suffering to 'lag comp':

                                                                                      Nicely written, connectivity is my only major issue with this game(same as most people i think).


                                                                                      I just wish Activision would just give us some response on this.