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    Hijacked vs Nuketown

      which do you prefer and why? Nuketown i find really fun, but hijacked i just find really frustrating! maybe its just the nostalgia effect?

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          Nostalgia is the word for it.  If you think about it, Hijacked is the very same map flow with the addition of an underground pathway and a little different setup in the middle.  The better team always spawn traps the weaker team just like in Nuketown.  I like Hijacked just like I liked Nuketown.  It's great when you are on the good team and miserable when you are not.

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            I was in the minority because I hated Nuketown in Black Ops. I don't know what it was about that map, but I hated it. Not sure why, but in BO2, I kinda like it. I know it's the same map (basically), but now I like it.


            I like Hijacked too. They are both very similar. I guess I like Hijacked better because of the balcony and under-deck tunnel to get behind the enemy.

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              I like both maps. I like Hijacked a little more even with the crappy spawns on that map. Nuketown is a REALLY bad map to get spawn trapped on so it's hit or miss for me sometimes. Hijacked is small, cramped but really great for when you need to unlock the camos by getting 150 kills without attachments/perks.

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                was spawn trapping a problem on BLOPS with nuketown? as in a major problem, i know it would happen sometimes due to the nature of the map

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                    I believe it was a slight frustration for some people, but at least it was something that could pretty easily get out of.


                    On Hijacked, though, the spawning + those upper floors, where they can have quite a bit of cover for people to spawn camp from while looking at a spawn that only has a couple pieces of slight cover, makes it A LOT more unbearable for a lot of people.