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    Please Define A Camper!!!!

      I'm confused as what what camping is now-a-days. I play mainly HC Search and I have been called a camper so many times and I'm confused. If I am playing on DEFENSE and I guard the bomb plant sight like the game directs you to as it says DEFEND above the bomb site I am a camper for guarding the site. If I am on offence and either a teammate or I plant the bomb and move to a position to watch the bomb and defend it from people trying to defuse it , again I am a camper. What do people want? For me to plant the bomb and run to the other side of the map while on offence or on defense am I supposed to run around and never guard the bomb sites. If playing the objectives the way it is intended qualifies me as a camper then so be it. I AM A CAMPER !!!! TY

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          Your confused for nothing, do not worry, do not over think what others say. People will call you what ever they will want, that doesn't mean your the bad player.


          Name calling = doing something right.

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            holding down an area or guarding an objective is not camping.



            i define campers as the cheesy pricks that hide in corners waiting for someone to go into the room or alleyway.  or hide under stairways and wait for people to run by.



            guarding an objective in an objective-based game isnt camping.

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                To do this against flankers with silencer and sub machine are always acceptable! Just makes my day ruining there scorestreaks by doing this. Just wait for him to run his usual path, flanking around our whole team, just thinkin he could kill us one by one. So, thats not camping, it`s strategy. But of course I agree. In general this suck when he lay there for several minutes without any plans or strategy.

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                There's a lot of kids out there who don't actually understand the meaning of the word strategy, and get butt hurt when someone is not playing the game the way THEY think it should be played.  Even if that is the wrong way.


                The worse kind of Camper is someone who sits in a room in the middle of nowhere ignoring the objective and aiming down sight at the doorway. They have been known to lay in the same spot for 5 minutes at a time.


                Then you have the "perceived camper".  This is someone who is actually moving around the map strategically getting kills in a normal run and gun fashion, but paying attention to the mini map.

                This guy will see someone on the mini map about to come his way so he prones and waits for the kill.  This is usually followed by the killee calling him a camper.


                Then you have the guy who is playing the game correctly and playing the objective.

                We've captured the B flag, so I am going to shoot anyone who tries to go near it.

                We have only got the A Bomb site left so I will make sure no one gets near it.

                I am not going to be running around like an idiot on the other side of the map from the objective, I am going to protect it.

                This is perfectly acceptable.

                And well played to you sir

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                  campers are not found in objective game types unless they are sitting in a NON objective area waiting for people and killing them.


                  most campers are found in TDM and KC

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                    someone who has a tent and stays in a field

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                      The term camper is the most overused and missapropriated word used in this game.

                      There is no so thing as camping in TDM, or objective games where you are defending something that others try to take over.  There probably needs to be a word for people that are playing obejective games that are are neither going for objectives nor defending them, like squatters...but I truly think the word camper is soley used by people who have no fear of dying, want to run around like chickens with their heads cut off, want to make lame montages on their youtube channels and dont treat these games like war, but rather pacman.

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                        Well I play alot of core S&D and I rush weather I'm on defense or offense I actually move & actively search & remove enemy hostiles. And half the time the rounds end before any bomb plants or attempted plants so that guy ads the whole time on the bomb site saw no action kinda boring if you ask me. But you can bet if my team plants i will then & only then take a defense position guarding the bomb. sitting the whole time at a bomb site not always the best tactic in S&D

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                          1.   A camper is the same thing as my claymore. It sits in a room and waits for the defender to walk through the door.

                          2.   A term used to describe anyone that just killed the player using the term.

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                            Who cares if they call you a camper, for camping with reason? 



                            I think there are different 'levels' of camping.  Such as:


                            Corner camping: Sit in a corner of a map most of the game and just wait for people to pass by

                            Objective camping: Keeping very close to an objective that must be captured or destroyed.

                            Camping: Staying in a specific 'zone' or 'area' for most of the game I.E. holding down a building



                            Corner camping is by far the most annoying and those people generally only get away with it 1x or 2x in a game, if playing someone with any kind of 'sense'.

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                              I tend to camp when the opposing team cries about it - It's good fun to have somebody cry over a video game.

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                                if you would like.. i can define a rusher....  


                                A)  One who comes to the forums to cry about campers.

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                                  A camper is anyone that does anything including running non-stop around the map but catches you off guard and kills you.  It's not what campers used to be but it's what the name has become.  We are all campers in this regard.

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                                    No. Enjoy your day

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                                      Keep doing what you are doing man. As you can see the common definition of a camper doesn't refer to those guarding objectives. I think camper is an overused word anyway. I like the term squatter for those who are hanging out somewhere withno strategic or tactical value. Well said cowboysr.

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                                        Someone who doesnt play the objective.sits far away from the objective, in a corner of a room behind a clay or betty with his target finder on.

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                                          camping is exactly as it sounds.

                                          just in a corner waiting for people to run past without looking.


                                          however in FFA I get called a camper alot as I patrol a certain area in order to control the gameplay.

                                          such as the house in Yemen inbetween the 2 cars at A cap if you were playing domination.

                                          that has 3 or 4 different ways players run about and can catch them off guard, then they would realise im there and keep running to me.


                                          hijacked the 2 boats is a good area to hold down.


                                          Standoff - I prefer the the block of wood beside the tank, next to the entry to the house.

                                          with  sniper, it is easy to pick people off and pistol for inside the house while patrolling either side.


                                          racks up kills easily especially if you get players obsessed with trying to kill you.

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                                            Yopu are not camping, you are playing an objective based game. Let them cry foul but they are incorrect.

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                                              A camper is defined as any person that spends more than one millisecond in a spot and kills another person.


                                              If they aren't camping then they are defaulted to either an aim botter, hacker or lag switcher.





                                              All jokes aside, I consider a camper on that isn't playing an objective and is just sitting in one spot (or small area) for Long periods of time.


                                              There's cheap campers, Like the guy that sits at the top of steps prone etc.


                                              And there's regular campers. Ie snipers on a perch etc. I don't fault these as much as its how you SHOULD play some classes.


                                              Although I complain at times, campers are easy to deal with. Toss a grenade where they camp and they're dead. Most of these people can't play out in the open an will die 5 more times until they make it back to a camping spot. Or conversely, learn the anti camping spots. 3arc knows where they put camping/head glitch spots and they made plenty of slivers to kill campers. I'll give you an example:


                                              On Aftermath, there is a bus on a pillar on one of the sides that is a lovely camping spot. Excellent vantage point and head glitch spot. Most people run to that small half wall and get killed due to the elevation advantage of the bus. If on the book store side, Instead run to the tractor trailer side closest to the edge of the map. Between the cab and trailer there is a sliver of sight. Guess what? That sliver lines up PERFECTLY with the bus sniping window. You'll be virtually undetectable to the bus campers as its low light and a sliver of your body.


                                              For the campers in the original spawn of Aftermath on the parking garage side. There's a half wall to the right of the ambulance that people like to head glitch/camp. If you run up from that middle crater (where B Dom flag normally is) there's a pillar of cement that is about the exact same height as you. Toward the top of that pillar is a tiny hole that is amazingly the exact height of you scope vision. Guess where that whole points to? The head glitch spot.


                                              Or the hot tub Vent on hijacked.


                                              While campers stink, 3arc realizes that this is a play style and actually put in anti camping Spots. Just learn them.


                                              To the OP, just stop listening to people. If you kill them they will always make up a reason.

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                                                Only people I consider campers are the corner campers that sit there all game with there lame a$$ claymore infront of them :/

                                                   If I'm playing a team game and spot one of my team mates corner camping they get trapped and if I know the enemy is coming ill start firing into the air and run off ! I luv messing with campers :)