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    Any way to fix lag in this game?

      Whats the point of having "dedicated servers" if you lag just as much as when your on listen servers?


      Can you change settings such as rate, maxpackets, ect? I don't have the game but i played it on my brothers machine and it seems like the kill cams are about 1 second behind what is actuall rendered on you screen when it happened in real time. I tend to have 4 bars all the time, but what does four bars mean, ~150 ms? can you edit your config to show ping in numbers instead of bars? how is knowing the ms of your connection gamebreaking? I wondered if any of you knew any tweaks to better optomize the game before i waste $60 on it.



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          Re: Any way to fix lag in this game?

          kill cams have been that way sin cod4.

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            Re: Any way to fix lag in this game?

            They went so far as to encrypt the config instead of simply locking it down, so no there is absolutely nothing you can do.



            I personally believe that 4 bars equal anything under 200ms and that they encrypted the config file in order to hide the ping bar values. After all there is no other reason for them to encrypt the file other than to hide what it contains.


            I can play on a real dedicated server setup like CoD4 or BO1, hop into a UK server where I get 200+ ping, and it feels LESS LAGGY than a 4 bar connection in BO2... I have also been in games with players from central europe region with both me and them having 4 bars, which should be 100% impossible if 4 bars = less than 100ms...


            The game is so horribly broken, that last night I decided to try out the often repeated solution on these forums to handicap your internet speed. I fired up a few downloads, then hopped into the game. Imagine my surprise when I played 3 rounds and slaughtered the crap out of everyone as if I were completely untouchable. Without even trying I was getting scores like 50-60+ kills with only a few deaths. It was so easy to walk through other players it's not even funny.....  That's proof positive that their system is a complete and total failure when you have to kill your internet speed in order to improve your connection....



            Nothing can "fix" the game unless they add restrictions to remove high ping players, as well as the ability to choose what game you join. As long as players have zero control over what server to join, the game is guaranteed to have extreme lag.

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                Re: Any way to fix lag in this game?

                I don't think the bars even mean anything, as i did an experiment about 3 days ago.

                I fully loaded up my bandwidth with 2 torrents on max speed, started up Call of Duty 4 and tried to join random local/foreign servers to see my ping: 7/8 servers i got kicked off before even joining because my ping exceeded the maximum allowed on server. Then i joined one german server and noticed my ping to be roughly about 600-800 m/s.. Fair enough, thats what it usually is when downloading stuff with all my bandwidth resources.

                Joined BO2, got in a match quickly, what do i see? 4 Bars..... 4 Bars? With 600-800 ping?! So to put it simply, every single one of the players i play with could potentially have the same 4 bars and have like 500 or something ping in real-time (Not saying that they do).... So.. what do the ping bars really mean? Yeah i've noticed when i play in parties with american players - you get 3 bars, but still no LAG, according to ping readings thats about 150-200 (from what i've seen in dedis).


                But how the f*** can i have 4 bars having approx 700 ping?! Makes me really think that 3arch deliberately put it there to hide the real ping cuz what other explanation is there, i have a solid fact, my ping is high and the game shows complete opposite = i have no high ping.

                .I think they are trying to hide it so people think the servers are good and reliable and they are matched with low-ping players, but ofc we can all see lagcomp proves the opposite, so this is probably why people get badly lagcomp'd even when the server is full of 4-bar's..


                Any thoughts/opinions on this?

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