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    LMAO ban laying on the ground

      I have been killed 5 rounds in a row by some guy who just lays down.


      Fix it.


      I don't like it.



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          Sure. Also, lets ban anyone who kills you. From now on, if someone kills you, just report them for offensive behavior.


          Stupid jokes aside...







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            We have all gotten caught by this... Learn to look for them. Most drop-shotters do it because most regular players spray upward. If you start spraying downward (instead of focusing on headshots) they can't get you by drop-shots.


            Rather than ban a playstyle, adjust yours to compensate. You won't win every time, but you will win more than you lose.


            If you are being shot by snipers who are prone, then flank them!



            *Edit* Maybe you were joking, but on these forums it's hard to tell, lol.

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                can't say for sure but i think he was talking about ppl that actually lay on the ground; acting/looking dead kinda.  i've walked by many of ppl who were laying down only to get shot in the back haha.

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                    yeah, i think he meant the lazy camper, the one who picks a spot and lays down waiting for someone to run past either thinking they're dead or simply shooting from the prone position to virtually eliminate recoil on whatever gun they're using. I know there's a calling card or something for shooting X amount of people while prone but some people take it a little too far. My favs are the ones who lie down on stairs so you can't see them until you're literally stepping on them.

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                  Drop Shooting ...... LOL i have cursed a few players myself for doing that,


                  But when i think about it ...this is a realistic type of reaction......

                  Like cynicaldriver said above all of the weapons will raise with recoil, full autos being the worst if you just hold the trigger down and if you are aiming at the upper chest /head area 98% of your bullets miss the target....

                  so aiming lower helps a lot


                  Or you have the option of trying to master that move.....i tried didnt work for me LOL

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                      drop shooting is not realistic lol.


                      id like to meet the person who can drop faster to the ground then the speed of bullets flying at him lol.


                      only place its possible is in movies like the matrix and in videogames.


                      yall need to stop using realism in the same sentence as COD or pretty much any other shooter around.

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                          I meant it was a realistic reaction to being shot at .....trust me on this one



                          as far as real realism in the game.....there is none ......  hit markers are the biggest joke.....

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                              are we talking about drop shooting or being shot at??


                              dropshooting in COD happens in close range when face to face and 1 is aiming while the other drops to the floor making the bullets miss him and then kills the other.


                              now being shot at , well yeah in real life realistic most people will drop to the floor if they hear gun shots or see bullets flying.


                              however if someone is in front of them and aiming at that , the most realistic reaction would be dropping to the floor death or severely injured lol.


                              or that person is the worst aimer in the world lol.

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                          Fix people from dying repeatedly, I do not want to kill such easy targets.

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                            Fix complainers not selling the game and going out to buy Little Big Planet Karts. I'm tired on it, thanks