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    are call of duty map packs worth buying


      are they worth buying I don't know If i should buy them becuase in my opinion all these new maps are going to be designed like the old maps that came with the game I have seen all the mw3 maps on youtube and I didn't see a reason to buy them they just look and probably feel like the old maps with different color I just hope that if I don't buy the map packs i don't loss my diamond camo also is it harder to find matches if you don't buy DLC

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          just wait then until they are released.

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            Mw2 and black ops1 yeah they where.......but now they stop listening to what we really want fixing.....no dont bother new maps on a laggy comp system pointless....

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              Nope, they're not worth buying, they're milking us like cash cows and it's about time the gravy train came to an end.  The map rotation is purposefully short so you'll get bored and feel you have to buy the map packs to get value for money.  The maps for the first map pack were ready at launch and could/should have been included.  They should be giving these away or charging cost price so their game doesn't die on it's feet.  If hardly anybody buys them then they'll be forced to drastically reduce the price to keep the people who did buy them happy as they'll have noone to play with.  In my experience I bought the map packs for bo1 when they sold them all for a fiver and it ruined the game for me.  I played ground war and was used to having a constant choice of full lobbies until I bought the map packs and was only able to get a match on weekends if I was lucky and then it'd usually be a lagfest.  I would have uninstalled them to go back to playing without them, but I mainly bought them for the zombie maps so my son could play with his cousins and it would have meant losing them.  Treyarch could have easily included an option to play with or without the dlc, but they wouldn't do anything so helpful, because like I said they want to force you to play with the packs so people who've bought them can get a game.  My advice- stick it to them.  Don't buy the packs until they're forced to rethink their pricing, and definitely not until they've completely fixed the game if that's at all possible.

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                Since you're on PS3, you'll have a month to check out DLC game-play that Xbox YouTubers upload.

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                  It was never hard to find matches in previous games without DLC.

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                    If you are someone that continues to play the game all year, then yes, it is worth it.  If you are someone that will only play BO2 for a few months and move away to new games and only come back to play every once in a while, then no.  Also, being on PS3 if getting the maps a month after Xbox is an issue for you, save your money.  On MW3 I was only really a fan of about two of the DLC maps, but I did play the game all year so in a way it was worth it.

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                      Wait and see what the xboxes kiddies have to say. If they are small crowed with **** ed up spawns then what would be the point. Especially with all the issues on the PS3. They need to fix all the problems on the PS3 before trying to push maps on us.


                      At this point you would have to be nuts to buy them. So far no one I know is buying them and most of my friends have left the game and are back on MW and Far Cry.