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        No worries Wolfpack rather you cheated or got PM in 6 days TA will NEVER ban accounts that are cheating. The whole reporting players is just there like when a resturaunt has a box of gloves in the kitchen to make the customer feel comftorable with the people not wearing them playing with their food before serving it for them to eat full of bacteria.

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          Yeah it sucks....me and my friends are sitting there trying to do it the right way andjust takes the fun outta it and to top it off they suck!

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            Blops2's worst problem right now is the lag compensation and I won't dive into the problem because we have over 100,000 players that have already complained about this problem but until this is fixed the game will never have a foundation to build on.

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              That is incorrect. People do get banned. They do get reset. There are repurcussions for cheating/boosting in the game. We certainly get enough people on the forums posting trying to get unbanned - The in game reporting function works and that his how people should report cheaters.

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                Ive pretty much gave up on the multiplayer cause theres so many cheats i kid you not about 50% of the people on my friends list did it.So now ive started to play zombies and im really liken it dont see me going back to multiplayer mode till all these hacks have been reset bought myself a copy of battlefield 3 today for £4.91 on pc world website been told its good and not full of hackers.

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                  I agree, im a prestige master just today i got to it legit no hack, k/d 1.10, 29k kills and im sick and tired of all these hackers!!! Every where i go everybody is calling me a hacker just becuz im master prestige, and the rest are hackers!! Treyarch should do something, im legit prestige master and i dont like the fact that people just hack their way in, if u wanna know if he is a hacker or not just see the lobby leaderboard, if he has lots of kills he is legit...... If not well he is a hacker

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                    Anyway just be careful who u report, im PM in 7 days and im afraid that somebody will report me becuz he thinks im a hacker, but im really not so just be careful

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                      I'm sure some cheats have been but what the Community wants is acknowledgement that Treyarch are on it, I understand we've just had Christmas and some are still off work but it doesn't take long to tweet!


                      Feedback needs to come back if reports are being sent. ( Simple Communication/PR)

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                        Even IF TA took some effort in time to ban people they would have to investigate the accounts they ban. It took me about 11 days to PM with over 2.0 in both W/L and KDR I have no fear at all I know I did it legit and my games and videos will speak for themselves.

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                          Im not sure about what that trophy is, but i prestiged like 7-8 times in 2 weeks becuz i had a vacation, so i dont think it is impossible