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        10. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

        Good post Prime. People need to realize that this glitch has been out for a while, and some of these clowns have caught on to needing to alter their stats. Without a clear timeline as to when TA will start issuing bans, the best we can do is try to catch these nerds early. As more time passes, their stats will start to revert back to the more "normal" range, and they will be harder to identify.


        I stop and report any thing that is out of the ordinary. To me, catching cheaters is almost more fun than playing the game, almost.

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          11. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

          I've found that weapon stats will give them away pretty easily. If they have let's say 1400 kills with a weapon and 750 of those kills are headshots that's a give-a-way. Time Played is another. I've been playing HC CTF since the game released and its funny how recently all these "Prestige Masters" with 4 or 5 days played with 3.0 - 4.0 KDR's just happen to come into the lobby and get worked.

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            12. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

            Easiest way to truthfully tell if some one is legit is to compare trophies. Scroll down to "welcome to the pent house" (I think) and if that trophy is still locked, then they never achieved even one prestige (9 out of 10 don't). It is such a flagrant and obvious cheat, they should be super easy to ban.


            If they have that trophy unlocked, just check when it was unlocked. If it was unlocked within the last 2 weeks, it would be mathematically impossible for them to do 10 prestiges in 2 weeks.

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              13. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

              I just want to say be careful who you report. I have 6 days played and i'm at prestige master already and it wasn't too hard. Pretty much every lobby I go in people say they are going to report me, or i'm a booster or a hacker; especially after I destroy them. I've also had kids say they will hack me and reset all my stats yada yada (to no avail). Anyways, just wanted to say make sure you report the proper people because I really think I might be getting tagged as a booster.


              But I am with you though, the amount of prestige masters in this game are ridiculous, none of them are any good either! I was playing solo and crushed an entire clan of prestige master playing hardpoint in carrier. I also got 2 swarms on them, needless to say they are weren't happy and reported me and threatened to re-set my stats. Some people are just bitter!

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                14. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

                Let me rephrase. I do look at the stats before reporting, but I have not seen anyone who is legit so far.

                I love playing COD and I have no problem having my butt kicked in a match, but I've never cheated and I don't like to play agains't those that do.

                And, yes, I am a bit dense.

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                  15. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

                  come on man.....reporting all prestige masters is just as bad as boosting to get there....i'm gonna get reset I just know it.

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                    16. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

                    The problem is if Treyarch were dealing with the issue people wouldn't need to report everyone, I agree that if people are going to report they should do so responsibly.


                    I've gone the other way, it's so widespread I can't be arsed to report anyone, Lots of people are getting reported but nothing happens, I give up.( just like 3arc have)

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                      17. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

                      LOL! No problems...

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                        18. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

                        I got my prestige master honestly and the good stats that go with it. To say we didn't get there honestly and that you report ANY prestige master you run across is flat out ignorrant


                        Reporting these guys does absolutely NOTHING Treyarch can't even fix lag compensation what makes you think they gonna start banning accounts, lol.

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                          19. Re: Boosters EVERYWHERE!!!

                          Should not have said it that way. I will look at stats, but I have not encountered anyone who is legit. So far, all Prestiege Masters that I've encountered appear to be cheaters.

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