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    Make an AR feel and play like an SMG...

      I've always been partial to SMGs... I used the Scorpion a ton in COD4... with an ACOG. I called my suppressed version "The Mule". Think about what it looks like... anyhow, I digress.


      In BO2... a lot of peeps think SMGs are overpowered. That's not the case. There is so much more player movement than in any previous title... a lot more. Blame the pace, map design, and perk adjustments for the increase in use... but that's all it is. An increase in use.




      ... you want to use an AR.. Set up this kit:


      Weapon: Any fully auto AR (or M8 with select fire)

      Attachments: Laser sight, stock

      Perks: P1 Greed, Lightweight, Any other P1, Scavenger, Dexterity

      Equipment: Sticky, EMP grenade


      You will fly across the map, hip-fire like an SMG, be able to ADS on the move, and get the benefit of the power of an AR.


      Change your game up and you'll find there's nothing wrong with SMGs versus an AR...


      ... you're just not using them right.





      Happy New Year.