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        You do realize that title dlc is on the disc. You do not actually download that title. You only download an unlock key that makes it useable.


        The title for that section is really a misnomer, all it is for is to give a place for those that have the dlc to find the extra playercards from that. it does not mean there is actually any playercard dlc in and of itself.


        Yes they can tweak the game settings, but the engine used is still pretty much the same engine and it was never made for normal mp gun dlc to work with it on how and where it stores the weapon data for normal mp and how it is loaded in to game.


        Plus it would split the playerbase in to those that have it and those that did not. So everyone that had it would have to be grouped together in one playlist selection.


        It would not let those that have it play with or against those that do not. For everyone would have to have the dlc downloaded in order to see the gun properly. So they would have to make it title update and force everyone to download it. That would be akin to me telling you to read a pdf file with windows word and tell me what you thought about it, you could not. You would need acrobat or reader to do so, so you would be forced to get that if you did not have it yet.


        And with the playerbase splititng it would make lag and match making even worse. For if only a  small amount fo people had it there would be less to be matched against in any one area.

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          So your trying to say the DLC is already on the disk ?? You only download an unlock key ? Come on that's the dumbest thing I've heard (at least today ;) )

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            Can you see diamond camo is available if you haven't unlocked it? No. And yes... you will be force to get a title update before the DLC comes out whether you are getting or not. It's always the case.


            You have the DLC... you get the gun unlocked... no DLC, no gun unlocked. It will affect playlists ZERO the same way I have never unlocked some weapons yet still manage to be able to play any playlist I want.


            I have little doubt it is easy to add DLC weapons with this game.


            You are making a lot of presumptions... but what's new?

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              smokesdope wrote:


              *facepalm the DLC is already on the disc ??? Lol

              So then WHAT is it that were are downloading that takes up all that extra space ?



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                I dont think they will add DLC to multiplayer because its already been said.


                If a player drops the gun when he dies that paid for it then all the other players would not be able to pick it up if they didnt pay for it.


                Everyone would have had to buy the DLC for the gun to be in a multiplayer game.


                Besides which gun would it replace if they added it ?


                Also consider the fact that the gun does look photoshopped in as well as just doesnt fit with the placement f other items in the poster.


                But I think IF it were there then it would be Zombies only.

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                  What if the gun was free to everyone with season pass? They had a section for season pass members only like they did with  MW3. Then the gun becomes part of the DLC only option. Just like if you are in a party and someone doesn't have the DLC it shuts off all the maps. It would then shut off all the games with people that have this gun. No different then the people who had the maps in MW3 for the people that didn't.


                  It could be done easily enough.

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                    Well.. they could make it so he CAN'T pick up the weapon. Or even easier, make it so he cannot play with other people who also don't have the weapon. Just like they do with map DLC. Or they could do a compatability pack. There are tons of ways they could go about doing it. The only thing that makes me think it is fake is what they have said before, that they use the max amount of memory from the start.

                    I sure hope it is real, though. I love having more weapons.

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                      I do not believe the max memory bull for a second personally.


                      But way to post the same thing I just did within a minute of each other *thumbs up*

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                        You wouldn't have to have the weapon in order to be able to use it... the same way you don't have to have a weapon unlocked to be able to pick it up.


                        It's possibly just for Zombies... but I really think it will be for MP.


                        We'll know soon.

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                          i'm gonna guess its an MP weapon, and yeah pretty sure new weapon is legit. Blogs seem to have the artwork for it already:

                          http://www.charlieintel.com/2012/12/30/leaked-promo-image-reveals-first-black-op s-2-dlc-pack/http://

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