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        You do realize that this might be a unique attempt to incorporate a new weapon into multiplayer. We don't know yet. Nothing has been confirmed or denied.

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          The cod engine as it is currently is not designed for gun dlc. This weapon if real will only be for the new zombies map and not the normal mp play. They do not have to deny it, for they will not because they want the speculation to continue in hopes that it will drive the sales up on dlc. And then when players get it and realize it was not for normal mp they are stuck with it and nothing can be done about it. Because 3arc never said one way or the other, so no foul was done.


          Should they come out and say, "NO, this weapon is only for zombies." Those players getting their hopes up would get disgusted and would not even consider getting the dlc at that point. So the wisest course of action is to say nothing about it at all and let the public learn at relase date what the truth was.

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            Honestly, I don't know exactly how this particular Call of Duty engine is designed. They use the same engine every time, but they adjust it heavily. It may be possible.


            I'm not getting my hopes up. I am not sure I care that much, but I'm definitely not going to say it is impossible.

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              I assume it is for MP. Like another poster said, new weapons are a norm for new zombie maps, however new MP weapons is a first. However, this is still speculation.

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                At first I though it would be for MP...I honestly could care less if it is, or not. But as others have said it is a trend for Zombies to have a new weapon, which spices it up some more, not to mention the gun is right under the new zombie map.


                (Doesn't mean anything, but hey, just a thought.)


                If it is a MP gun though, couldn't it just be locked content on the disc, thus not really requiring much to do with the engine? I know Gears had locked on Disc Content, and that may be different but also didn't Black ops 1 technically have locked DLC with the older zombie maps?


                Anyhow, i'm done not making sense.


                Don't care if it's MP or Not.

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                  You make sense... All of mw3 dlc was locked content... So basically you paid for maps that were already on the disk you already paid 60$ for lol...it's how the file for dlc these days are only like 100 MBA for 6 maps.. Lol


                  Pretty sure the smg and a couple other weapons are already on disc and this has been planned from the beginning.

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                    The only reason I'm not heavy on the locked disc content is because no one (Or I never saw anyone.) Hack the game and get the guns, maps in the older games.


                    I know in Gears Of War 3 the locked characters would get hacked/locked skins for the devs only...Now I don't know if it's a security issue or maybe something else, but the lack of hacking for the locked content (If any) is the reason why i'm not 100% sure on it.

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                      BO2 has been designed to be easily tweakable from perks to weapons... and they have a DLC title for being a season pass subscriber.


                      It would not surprise me at all that they have planned for weapon DLC.

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                        *facepalm the DLC is already on the disc ??? Lol

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                          oh great just what this broken game needs another retarded SMG for hip firing spammers to sprint round like brainless morons with, oh treyarch you're so in touch with the worst that online shooters have to offer, still at least your great at epically failing, can't say you're sh*t at everything lol

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