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        130. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

        1. Lag


        2. Matchmaking


        3. Spawns


        4. Lack of communication of the devs. Treyarch badly needs a Community Manager that responds to tweets.

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          131. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

          top 5 things i hate


          1: terrible lifeless maps

          2: awful spawns

          3:  massively OP hip firing

          4: quick scoping

          5: totally s***t maps


          so thats the whole game in a nutshell lol

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            132. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

            Yeah I would agree except them denying that lag is a problem lol . To be honest I think IW do ALOT better job with the community than Treyarch have ever done ! At least IW have a couple of FIT GIRLS as community managers ! Lol

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              133. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?
              1. unsynced  gameplay and the randomness each match of playing in a extremely delayed state or not.
              2. hit detection
              3. massive host disadvantage
              4. Treyarch's reffusal to act or even communicate about these issues.
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                134. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

                putting the Black Ops 2 disk in my xbox

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                  135. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

                  It is really the entire philosophy that both 3Arc and Activision have take toward the way the game should be played. Slowly over time it has evolved into a horrendous run and gun shooter that tries to force everyone into a particular play style. If you think about it, most of the complaints in this thread are a direct result of this.

                  You get small cramped maps with no real place for snipers to hide and actually snipe. The result? They quickscope. Bigger maps with actual places for a sniper to snipe from would dramatically reduce this problem.

                  Don't like shotguns? It's because they made the shotgun a primary. The result? smaller cramped maps so the shotgun can be useable as a primary.

                  Don't like the hip firing smg users? Yep, small poorly designed maps again.

                  The list goes on and on.

                  The point is this game is designed to try and force everyone to play one way and I don't see that changing without a change in their whole take on the game. Every release makes this problem worse and worse.


                  Sadly I can't help but feel like some of this is our own fault. Our strange love for maps like Nuketown lead us to this path. If you were designing a game and you see that the most popular map by far is the smallest and everyone is blasting away the whole time, wouldn't you make more maps like that?

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                    136. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

                    I dont understand why these idiots at Treyarch or  Infinity Ward Dont just give us a fresh new version of COD 4. Or Modern Warfare 2. At this point over the last three years. I would litterally pay 200 dollars for MW2 again with new maps. Just leave the game how it was. Dont tweak it or anything,  (you will just Screw it up). Just next year give us MW2 with New maps. Id be happy with that. Ever since MW2  ITs been Fail, after Fail with these idiots.

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                      137. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

                      Lag compensation & terrible spawns.


                      I've been a big fan of the CoD series for a while now and have owned all of the games since CoD 4. Even played some of the older ones and enjoyed them too. I've avidly defended CoD many times to my friends that don't like them, but since MW2 they've been going downhill.


                      My main issue is with the lag compensation as I feel I would be able to at least somewhat enjoy the multiplayer if I wasn't getting put at a huge disadvantage all the time. I pay a lot of money for very good internet and am constantly finding that I'm put at a huge disadvantage. I seem to be made host most games too which just makes it even worse.


                      This is a P2P based game, shouldn't the developers be PROMOTING better internet speeds rather than hurting people that have them?


                      This will be the last CoD game that I buy until they get rid of the lag compensation.


                      I'm fed up of losing gun fights I should have won, shooting people and not getting hits because they're actually a meter in front of where I'm seeing them, and getting shot around corners. The only reason for me to buy another CoD game is for the zombies mode, which is a shame because I used to enjoy the multiplayer.


                      Nice job, Activision, you've lost another fan. Now then, off to buy Battlefield...

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                        138. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?

                        What's ruining the game for me?   That's easy


                        1. Forced matchmaking
                        2. Forced matchmaking
                        3. Forced matchmaking
                        4. Forced matchmaking
                        5. Forced matchmaking
                        6. Forced matchmaking
                        7. Forced matchmaking
                        8. Forced matchmaking
                        9. Forced matchmaking
                        10. Forced matchmaking




                        Oh did I mention forced matchmaking?  It is the sole cause of every single problem with the game. Lag, hackers, griefers, racists, lack of game modes, inability to play DLC maps, the list goes on and on, and it is all a direct result of forced matchmaking.



                        They need to adopt a setup like the dedicated servers that were available in CoD1, CoD2, CoD4, and WaW on PC. A setup that would allow players to customize the game, remove troublemakers, eliminate lag, and generally improve the entire gameplay experience.

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                          139. Re: Whats ruining Black ops 2 for you?


                          2)Lag in 50% of my games


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