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    Things People Already Knew, And Loads More.


      Well after all this discussion on the very first zombie map from World At War. I decided to download that video game, I brought back the hard copy, so I spent 19.99 to get the digital. I rather like and enjoy digital games, since there on my HD. The only reason I got it so i could check out 'Nacht der Untoten'. I heard that parts of the building is in 'Green Run' which is true, yes it is.



      So, once my download finished I jumped right into Word At War, zombies, just the first map, since that's what the huge discussion was all about. So, I started to think about it and what not.


      Here's some pictures if you all forgot what it looked like.










      Now, what would you say if the hole in the wall was some sort of passage way?


      I've also noticed a ton of those biohazard signs flaoting around



      "They asked me to leave"

      "I was the one reporting this behavior"


      Now, My thing is that I do believe whom ever is in that shelter after you swipe your knife about 1000 times, and yes they do speak back to you, I wonder if whom ever is in that shelter found a way or a worm hole and transported him / herself to 'Green Run'.

      Because on the map of 'Green Run' their are more signs, but they read 'Shelter'



      Right outside the bus station.



      This is in the tunnel when you leave the bus station. Inbetween bus station, and the diner.



      Now, I think whom ever was in the Nuketown 2025 shelter, he / she would follow the first person where it said 'SHELTER' and would come across this a door, or keep heading right? Wonder what's behind the door? Now, if he / she kept heading right, and didn't go thru the door. They would come up at the bus station, the part where you bang a left right outside of the door from the bus station IE:





      I also think their is a seperate bus route that you can / will take sometime soon. These pics are when you first start off in the bus station just behind you





      Now, has anyone mention this



      Wonder if you can switch the switches on the top of his head some how, maybe after you do something with the NAV card??



      Here's  a few updated WAW map pictues if someone couldn't find where it was on the 'Green Run'









      The way I think and see this is.  There's been some other games not COD, but I do believe platform games, IE: Mario. where you would actually have to do something in a special time, and you would actually go back to the same place that you played before but things would be different, IE: would be "SILENT HILL' that's a good example of time shifting. Maybe you will be able to go back to the old WAW map their. Once you complete more stuff. Maybe the building will put itself back together. Or you will warp thru time and things would be the same but things would also seem different and appear different.? Rather hard to explain.



      I honestly don't think this has to do with anything



      But, I can tell you that it does remind me of "EVIL DEAD' movie. this is were you'd go and buy the huge ass knife. It's in between the diner and the end of the tunel you take, I do believe, it's on the left hand side!! Like I said don't think it has anything to do with anything, just a random image ha!


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